Every Thing Must Break ~ Talley Beth Gale

Via Talley Beth Gale
on Oct 15, 2013
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Photo: David Leggett on Flickr.

Tonight, I experienced a blessing. 

I had to throw away a Thing.

I’ve been trying to downsize the number of Things in my world. Less is more, I think.

Tonight, that maxim was put to the test.

I had to say farewell to a Thing that had so far passed the purge test.

I walked into my kitchen, where my tea was steeping. There was water all over the counter, all around the tea mug. Did the mug have a leak?

I picked it up.

Sure enough, there was a large cracking running down the side of one of my favorite mugs.

My mother had bought this mug at a student art show back home and mailed it to me two years ago. Far, far away at college, I could hold a warm mug of something and think of my mother. I even wrote the artist a thank you note.

I now live in into a house full of other people, all of us with our own artsy mugs that have had to learn to live together, squashed up in the barracks of a cabinet. There are occasional casualties.

When I realized the mug had such a terrible, leaky crack, I considered putting it somewhere for decoration, to look at later as a work of art.

But, like I said, I’m trying to downsize.

So, before more tea could leak out, I poured the contents into another mug – the latest addition to the mug army, actually—and held the still-hot, empty present from my mommy in my hands.

I thought of the love that had been put into this gift. I thought of the time and energy that had been put into creating a piece of art. I took one last look at this pretty Thing, and I gently placed it in my trash bin.

All Done.

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About Talley Beth Gale

Talley Beth Gale is a senior at Ball State University, where she studies acting. She’s a dedicated student, but sometimes she’ll get distracted from her studies because she’s discussing philosophy, politics, art, and maybe less highfalutin subjects with her friends. In addition to theatre and academics, she loves travel, yoga, and blueberries. She’s also interested in how theatre can be used as an active tool for social change, and has pursued research fellowships, internships, and workshops in order to learn more. You can read her travel blog, which she writes when it’s pertinent: Girl Goes Adventuring.



2 Responses to “Every Thing Must Break ~ Talley Beth Gale”

  1. Stine says:

    Love it!
    -and completely recognize the struggle of not holding on to (faulty or broken) things for sentimental reasons 😉
    My strategy is to take a nice picture of the item, and add to my virtual photo-album-scrap-book of various broken bits, ugly souvenirs/gifts, funny nick-nacks and other types of stuff, that usually would have cluttered up the drawers and shelves (then later we can address the issue of digital clutter…)

  2. Talley Beth says:

    I love it! Because at least digital clutter you can sort of hide…