I just became a Russell Brand fan. So will you, if you watch this.

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on Oct 23, 2013
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Russell Brand and Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight 2013 [Full Interview]

Of course, the problem with Russell’s wonderful argument is that there is no solution for enlightened goverment other than if you happen to luck into an enlightened despot, and then you’ve got succession problems. Humans are humans. Power corrupts. I personally vote because I strongly feel that voting for the best of two imperfect choices makes a small, but significant difference.

Great comment from Reddit: “I know I’m being cynical, but I have to ask: do political revolutions ever turn out well for the people in the end? It seems to me that even the noblest of intentions end up failing because the human tendency is that power corrupts, and whomever is at the top of the political spectrum will take advantage of the ignorant middle class.

Russell Brand talks about revolution but does it ever work? I think about incidents like Marxist theory (noble intention) being realistically applied to politics (Cuba, Russia) and it never seems to turn out well.”




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4 Responses to “I just became a Russell Brand fan. So will you, if you watch this.”

  1. rachaelworld2013 says:

    If we had direct democracy, and live voting through the internet, and the ability to vote for all important positions (Secretary of State, Minister of Finance etc) based on their experience and merit, rather than having political appointees from the ruling party, and then we had the power to remove all of these from office, again using direct democracy voting. I think we could change an awful lot. People become apathetic politically because they rightly feel that their votes don't really make much difference. The power corrupts because there is limited to no right to recall, and we end up with career politicians whose only real way of keeping their jobs is to play the system. What we need is people who are actually qualified to the jobs we need them to do, and who have to do their job to the satisfaction of the people or they will be voted out, immediately, not just not voted back in the next time around. There also needs to be voting allowed from aged 14 or so onwards, as teenagers at that age are far more civic minded and enthusiastic about politics (some of them hide it well, but it is true), and it gets them feeling like they can contribute early while they still have historical memory and a fairly current understanding of things because they are studying it in school, before they go through the "what is the point?!" stage, and the "I'd rather be out drinking and carousing" stage that they are often at by the time they are eligible to vote currently.

  2. My goodness, he could very well be talking about the United States. He is so well educated and well spoken. I love the way he handles the interviewer. How can you be "cross" with him? He interjects humor at the very right time to diffuse the intensity. He has taken the time to be informed. We need more people in the public eye who actually have something intelligent to say. We need everything he has innumerated! Thank you for posting. http://www.kazakers.com

  3. C. Devlin says:

    This is brilliant (the first video in particular) and is precisely why I stopped voting just a few years ago

  4. Ellerooms says:

    Russell Brands New Statesman article needs to be read as compared to the short bbc interview, is detailed, beautifully written and deserves to go down in history of where the Worlds turning point became apparent, and hopefully not a lament on when the World ignored common sense. Those of you who aren’t fans, cant stand watching him should read this objectively and then decide what part are you playing in the picture he has accurately painted?