October 1, 2013

Locally Brewed Yoga. ~ Ryan Esdohr {Podcast}

When you go grocery shopping do you know why it is that you see beers like Flat Tire, Sierra Nevada, and Boulevard Wheat?

It’s because there are beer enthusiasts who demanded great tasting beer. That is precisely what we are doing at Locally Brewed Yoga. Our mission is to give a platform to independent yoga studios and teachers who are creating impact in their community while staying true to their values and upholding quality.

Every episode delivers a taste of our guest teacher and insight into how they run their business. One of the questions I ask every guest is “where in your business are you creating separation?” At Locally Brewed Yoga we create separation by keeping our content as authentic as possible. There is no “Take 2” and we will not edit ourselves or our guests to make them sound better.

When we screen our guests the main criteria we have is the studio cannot be a chain or have multiple locations. To us, grassroots isn’t some buzz word we like to throw around to sound edgy and up and coming. We are truly dedicated to those teachers who have the only yoga shop in their tiny town or refuse to budge on their style just to gain popularity.

Like beer enthusiast we are yoga enthusiasts looking for that small batch with lots of flavor.



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Assist Ed: Dana Gornall/Ed: Sara Crolick

{Photo: via Flickr Creative Commons}

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