October 10, 2013

No Sugar, Just Sorry: Standing Up for Love in 300 Words. ~ Shasta Townsend

As a person who really does intend to walk, talk and live with compassion, I find it a challenge at times to stay clear on the path of love.

Am I being a bitch when I want my lover to take responsibility and accountability?

Should I just let it all go?

Would a true yogi just move on and forget anything happened?

When do you set a line on what is ok for you and your life?

Do I expect too much by asking those I love to stand in their greatness?

There is an old paradigm of love that proscribes self-sacrifice, apathy and a-forget-about-it mentality that does not really feel like love to me. How many wedding ceremonies include the passage, “Love means never having to say you are sorry.”

What a load of turnip growing bullshit.

Conscious adult relationships require us to take responsibility and to stand up for love.

I am standing up for love. I am tired of a sugar-coated, immature, I let everything slide while the volcano builds inside until I explode at the Starbucks when they get my coffee wrong type of love.

Love means I say I am sorry…to everyone and especially the ones I love.

Love means I take responsibility for my triggers, baggage, melodrama and love myself enough to do so even if it’s scary.

Love means facing the fear and choosing something powerful like putting on my big girl pants and being the first to reach out, or maybe the first to say good-bye.

The time for a new story love is now.

We can all write this story when we stand in the place of love and call those we love to it.

The wave of love is one of true freedom, connection and joy so let’s step into it, see who’s in here with us and call more to the beach…the water is fine.


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Ed: Bryonie Wise

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Shasta Townsend

Best-selling author, award winning teacher and down-to-earth Canadian girl, Shasta Townsend helps women and men reconnect to their wholeness, release blocks to their happiness and reclaim magic so they can live a wonderful life, no matter what! Shasta is passionate about the how-to of creating good relationship—the relationship to our Self, to each other and to the Earth. She is a feisty champion of “unbroken wholeness”—that is the current of love, goodness and creativity that supports us always, and is adept at integrating various disciplines so we may tap into this current with power and ease. Shasta is your feisty champion as she helps to strip away the old stories and reveal your authentic radiance as you unabashedly create the next big, beautiful chapter of your life.

Shasta shares her passion for living well as a Featured Columnist at Elephant Journal, The Good Men Project, Rebelle Society and Vivid Life. Shasta leads retreats, workshops and talks around the world. She lives in Canada with her husband, cat and creative impulse. Her debut book, Happy, Sexy, Shameless – What Our Mother’s Didn’t Know About the Birds and the Bees is an international best seller and is available through amazon.com and all amazon platforms world-wide. Connect with Shasta on Facebook or on Twitter @shastaherself.