Poem for a Lover Far Away. ~ Andrea Rossin {Poem}

Via Andrea Rossin
on Oct 2, 2013
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poem for a lover far away

*** part 3

remember all that was,
every moment.

all we said and did.

(can you remember all of that?
did you record those moments
in your mind
and imprint them into your body?

did you peek
and peek again
and trace the contours of what you felt in me
into yourself?)

she said,
“answer me now.”

(it is demanding, I know.)

“now is not the time,” he responded.

“dear, speak to me from your heart.”

(it is silent for a very long time.
I breathe into the moments and feel my fingers twitch.
the roar of nothing fills my longing, addictive mind.


I think it is my heart.
I think myself through the body often.)

“how will love survive
our distance?”

“peace.  peace, sweet one.”

(every hurt

another sacrifice.)

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Assistant Ed. Bronwyn Petry/Ed: Bryonie Wise


About Andrea Rossin

Andrea Rossin is a long-time Boulder, Colorado community gal; in the summertime you can find her working at festivals like Wanderlust and Mountain Jam, and during the year she spends her time teaching 10th grade American Literature at North High School in Denver. Approaching the world with sharp wit and a critical eye, she fancies herself an irreverent yogi, a community folkloricist, and a pseudo-intellectual who, ultimately, scoffs at just about everything while simultaneously taking in wisdom from experience. She performs with Iya Ami, an all-women’s Afro-Cuban folkloric vocal and drum group, whenever they are accepted into the Oregon Country Fair or included in String Cheese Incident’s Horning’s Hideout productions, and produces The Human Cabaret, a diverse performance collection of Boulder’s fringe poets and musicians. Andrea loves to dance, sing, and laugh with her friends.  Originally from New York, she has lived along the front range of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains for eighteen years with her daughter, Cassidy Cahill, and her son, Mylo Watts. She has her Master’s degree in Religious Studies and a BA in Creative Writing from The University of Colorado.


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