November 5, 2013

Appropriate. {Photo}

“Nothing says you’re a rebellious, anti-establishment type like a mask sold by Time Warner made by downtrodden minimum-wagers.”

“And as Marx (may have) pointed out, capitalism will sell you the rope to hang it with.”

“My favorite was a cashmere Che Guevara sweater I saw for sale in San Francisco for $495 back in the 2000’s”

“What good is this Cashmere

If they’re still dying in Kashmir?


There was homes, now there’s just dust there

Next year, same as this year

A rough year

Live in much fear, stay inside after dusk here ” – Heems, Das Racist

Video: Capitalism, Illustrated.

From Banksy:

From Cake: “Excess ‘aint rebellion, you’re drinking what they’re selling.”

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