Evolutionary Sex. ~ Sarah Peterson

Via Sarah Peterson
on Nov 25, 2013
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I am well aware that I am swimming in a sea of men.

They are everywhere I look, and for the most part they all seem to want the same thing…Sex!

I have come to understand that if I navigate this man pool with balance and consciousness, I can shift the face of human evolution. I mindfully choose which penis is worthy enough to merge with my sacred vagina, and I have evolutionary sex.

Evolutionary sex is the most potent sex of my life; it’s so powerful that Earth is transformed afterwards. When I pick my partner from a balanced place, I choose balance in my mate and as a result, I help restore balance in my world. I choose conscious evolution through conscious conception.

Back in college I chose to have sex with hyper-masculine hotties that I would meet through friends, at the gym or out at the bars. I chose these men because I reveled in their strength and self assured attitudes.

But when I would repeatedly wake up the next morning with a throbbing head and hollow feeling inside, my inner feminist would shake her head in disapproval. She wasn’t a bit surprised when I would once again have my heart roughly handed back to me after being carelessly man-handled by my latest masculine mate. I found myself stuck in this heart-breaking cycle.

It took years, but I finally figured out how to step out of my cyclical sex samsara (cycle of birth, suffering, death and rebirth). I realized that my search for strength and self assurance in a mate was arising because I lacked those things in myself. I was never satiated by masculine partners because what I truly needed was to awaken my internal man, or my masculine side. I found that I was out of balance.

So I made a list of all of the things that I was searching for in a man, and I set about awakening those things in myself.

I like strong men, so I forced myself to become physically and emotionally stronger. I like knowledgeable men, so I worked to increasing my own knowledge. I like independent men, so I became more independent in my actions. I like passionate men, so I started to follow my passions.

By empowering my masculine side, I enable myself to become whole again. I learned the full feeling I used to seek out in sex is actually generated by my inner balance. I am the only one capable of filling my hollow self up.

I balance my internal yang with my internal yin, and I come into wholeness within—into balance in my being. This balance radiates out from my center like a light turned on from within.

I come into balance and I find that I am no longer searching for men, instead they are actively searching for me.

My internal flame attracts a myriad of male moths. I feel exponentially more attractive. I believe this is because I have tapped into what truly makes me sexy—my confidence, which I generate through obtaining balance in my being.

I transcend the need to have another being complete me. I am a strong, empowered and balanced human being.

As it turns out, there is nothing sexier than that.

When I realize I’m more than just my vagina, I demand that my mate be more than just a dick. I am a balanced being, and I expect the same out of my partner.

It turns out the balanced male archetype is a bit of an anomaly these days. He is being fazed out of the gene pool and has been for quite some time. Society has labeled him a “nice-guy” and told him he is going to finish last.

It seems like my hyper-masculine culture has taught men to oppress their feminine sides, which creates internal imbalance. This imbalance manifests externally—I see it daily on a global scale.

It appears in the form of large scale oppression of women around the world. It can be seen in the face of rape, domestic violence and even war.

Through selecting hyper-masculine men to have sex with, I had been feeding my culture of feminine oppression.

Through searching for my masculinity outside of myself, I created a demand for my hyper-masculine culture.

Now I think about sex a little differently. I realize that my sexual preferences and escapades actually shape evolution and I want to be a part of a culture evolving towards balance.

This knowledge changes who I decide to have sex with.

What does this change look like? It looks like more sex for the “nice guy.”

That’s right, watch out macho men, that guy you just called pussy will be getting more of exactly that!

Evolutionary sex is experienced when complete individuals merge and consciously co-create. From this co-creation, a new era of balance, unity and consciousness is born. My revolution is sexual in nature.

I choose to revolt against my imbalanced, hyper-masculine culture.

I do this by by refusing to have sex with it.


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About Sarah Peterson

Sarah Peterson: Above all else I am a spiritual warrior, my battle is always with myself. Five years ago I quit my career as a government climate scientist and set out on an adventure of a lifetime with the love of my life, my husband, Aaron and our dog Riley. For the last three years we have been traveling and volunteering at retreat centers and on organic farms in Colorado, Maui, Oregon and California. I am an artist, a dancer, a clothing designer and a writer; I am using my creativity to help create culture of healing, balance and unity. Follow me on my blog.


19 Responses to “Evolutionary Sex. ~ Sarah Peterson”

  1. aaronedwatson says:

    I like the idea of looking at the things which I desire in a partner and then strengthening those aspects in myself. Thank you for the message of self empowerment!

  2. Sarah says:

    Aaron, thanks for the support and thoughtful comment. Self empowerment has been and continues to be one of the most important aspects my awakening and coming into consciousness. Sexual self empowerment has unlocked a new level of understanding as to the role that I play in my world and in evolution. I'm learning that through my self empowerment I can actually change the world!!

  3. phoenix8chronicles says:

    whoot whoot <3 This Sarah, agreed! Not always an easy journey but so worth it

  4. Kat's Underthestars says:

    Full heartedly agree with ya sistah! I have been with my partner for over 2 years and never have I been so happy and connected with someone. Almost 4 years ago I found myself alone, confused, and depressed after a long breakup with my partner of 5 years. So I focussed on myself and all the things that made me happy-trully happy-instead of finding comfort in the arms of someone else. And there he appeared, wanting to be my friend and life partner. It has definitely been the most amazing friendship of my life.

  5. Sarah says:

    Thanks so much phoenix8, I appreciate your feedback support. I agree, self empowerment isn't the easiest road, but once I walk down it I find that it is my genuine path, and it feels oh so right!!

  6. Raine says:

    Thank you Sarah, I am currently working through a similar phase in life and I stumbled upon your article here, serendipity

  7. Sarah says:

    Kat, thanks for sharing your story. I'm happy that you have found deep friendship and lasting love in your relationship. Thanks for helping bring balance to the world!!

  8. Sarah says:

    Raine, in my experience there is no such thing as coincidence, it sounds like your stumbling is certainly serendipitous! I hope the insight helps you out!

  9. Carrie says:

    Wow. I really like this. Thanks for sharing honey.

  10. Sarah says:

    Thanks Carrie, I appreciate your feedback.

  11. Damien says:

    "It turns out the balanced male archetype is a bit of an anomaly these days. He is being fazed out of the gene pool and has been for quite some time. Society has labeled him a “nice-guy” and told him he is going to finish last."

    I don't agree with this comment.

    Just as you have had to work on yourself to balance your inner world… so to do we as men.

    By first opening up my feelings and THEN connecting deeply with my inner purpose and mission I feel I have balanced myself as a man.
    Entering into being an integrated man… one who is balanced in masculine and feminine perspectives, with an emphasis on the masculine.
    I feel I have been transcending the macho jerk and the new age nice guy.
    And I'm discovering that same kind of attention heading towards me.

    It takes work, it ISN'T being phased out… in fact it's just coming into being.

    Women, be patient… a flood of balanced, conscious, amazing men will be appearing more and more. Work on yourselves, say no to jerks and live with integrity 🙂

  12. Sarah says:

    Damien, thank you very much for this comment. I agree that this work of coming into balance is necessary for both men and women, I simply wrote it from the female perspective because I'm a female.

    I do see that there are more balanced men arriving on the dating scene. It's true, it isn't really about being the "nice-guy" or the "jerk", it is about finding balance. I'm happy to hear that you too have been embarking on this journey of balance and it is paying off for you.

    "Women, be patient… a flood of balanced, conscious, amazing men will be appearing more and more. Work on yourselves, say no to jerks and live with integrity 🙂 " YES!!! This is awesome, bring on the conscious amazing men!!

  13. Georgia says:

    AMAZING! Yes, love it, boom! So perfectly put and totally can relate.

    Thanks beautiful that was awesome x

  14. Sarah says:

    Georgia, thanks for the feedback! I'm happy it resonated with you 🙂

  15. frank sayre says:


    I love what you have to say. I love who you are or are becoming. From the heart ff a 70 year old male who has gone through many a heartbreak you have opened doors to your inner power but are on a mission to help others, all others to be more clear.
    I am drawn towards you because you are me and I am you and you recognize that very notion.
    I chose a different method by which to open doors. In this I am sure you recognize the concept and path of others. For what you have accomplished I am honored to be human, for I feel in my heart, your heart too and even the heart of your mate even though I know him not. U R one.
    I took a look at and read from your blog, enough to know we are connected.
    If you care to look at my blog (check out the early postings about the brotherhood & love generation who planted seeds)

  16. Sarah says:

    Thank I brother. I appreciate the heart connection, I can feel it from my side of the screen. I connect with the words that express your journey, it sounds like we are both on quite the adventure.

    I also want to express deep gratitude for the love generation. I see that the seeds planted in the 60s and 70s are just now beginning to flower. It has just taken over 40 years! Thanks seed love generation…together lets enjoy the flower, the fruit, then return the energy to the root!

    I am I

  17. Paul says:

    Sarah, thank you so much for these words. It highly resonates. Besides doing "the work" how else can I support and be supportive? Much love, Paul

  18. @Camco2242 says:

    Although this comment comes 'late' to the date of the article, I agree with Damien's points with respect that balancing my female Self to my male Self takes a great amount of effort, emotion, expression, and love. I hope that I can one day attract my mate that I was born to be matched for before physically carnating into this body from my better actions and choices with a balanced male and female perspective rather than to consistently try to find her and receive heart break instead. I refuse to 'settle' for and love a woman that does not fully love me for who I am and for who I seek to become, balanced in all, but rather attract the one who will.

  19. etienne says:

    Thank you so much. THIS is true feminism. I usually hate feminism… I really wish you get your message across. But you will find powerful enemies on your way, because you are getting dangerously close to the truth. All the love in the world.