Model of the Photoshop Editing Video Speaks Up about Unrealistic Transformation. {Video}

Via Jennifer S. White
on Nov 13, 2013
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Sally Gifford Piper is the model in this video that shows the extreme effects of Photoshop editing.

Follow up to the original posted here.

She wants both the media and women to understand that Photoshop is damaging to the female psyche and self-esteem because women can never live up to these now unrealistic yet common photographic images and standards—even the models used in ad campaigns are notoriously known to not look the same in “real” life.

Watch Gifford Piper’s evolution here:

And then watch an interview discussing her transformation in the video here: 

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3 Responses to “Model of the Photoshop Editing Video Speaks Up about Unrealistic Transformation. {Video}”

  1. Hair Masking says:

    Very nice video that shows the work of glamour retouching effect of Photoshop. Amazing!

  2. danielschar says:

    aren't men photoshopped too?

  3. Campbell says:

    “ I have been waiting for most of these tips since years. As I don’t use photoshop design regularly, I never really bothered to find a solution to all these things. Awesome, thank you! “