November 26, 2013

4 Graffiti Artists, 1 Abandoned Warehouse & Unlimited Cans of Spray Paint. ~ Melissa Petty {Video}

Depending on who you ask graffiti is considered anything from eye-sore to eye opening.

Though, we have to remember that most forms of art go unappreciated or misunderstood during their time.The very public nature of this art form is often used as a way to communicate political messages or expose injustices.  We tend to think of graffiti as a very modern institution; but, I’m sorry to inform you that it has been a cultural staple since ancient times.

The emergence and growing popularity of true graffiti artists (most notably Banksy), has helped establish its credibility in the world of art. Though very recently repainted, artists and admirers from all over the world had been flocking to New York to view the five-story block long “graffiti mecca” known as 5Pointz. It is hard to argue the legality of graffiti—but, if you look past the paperwork, what you’ll see in many cases is a beautiful form of expression.

I’m not going to try and convince anyone that there isn’t “bad” and “tasteless” graffiti out there. But those same words can be used to describe paintings hanging in any art gallery across the world. But, that is the heart of it all: art should evoke feelings, across the entire spectrum from delight to disgust. It should be divisive. It should make people talk.

For me, I see nothing wrong with adding color, shape and interest to urban landscapes. Do I believe there is a wrong place or time for it? Absolutely. But, again that is my opinion—and as I’ve explained: art is all about perspective.

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Editor: Bryonie Wise

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