January 23, 2014

Beautiful, Meditative Surfing Footage. {Video}

I still remember my teenage years spent in Florida and Southern California and waiting in long lines (blocks long) to watch the surfing movie Endless Summer over and over again.

The beauty of the footage never got old. Nor did my love of the ocean.

Times have changed and there are much more advanced ways of capturing the big waves and the surfers who dare to ride them—especially at Banzai Pipeline in Oahu, Hawaii. Here the waves are huge, but the shallow reef remains an ever present threat to the thrill seekers who dare to paddle out and catch a wave there.

(For the technical people out there, this astounding footage was actually captured with a DJI Phantom quadcopter and a GoPro Camera, by aerial photographer Eric Sterman. If you are wondering what a DJI Phantom quadcopter is—it is in fact a drone.

Drones are being used for all sorts of things now. These include filming political protests in Bangkok to Amazon, who wants to use to start mailing your packages for same-day deliveries to you with drones, once it figures out how not to squish their customers or their pets who might be sleeping on their porches.)

But back to the ocean and the some of the people who love it the most.

The footage is pure meditative perfection.


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Editor: Bryonie Wise

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Read 2 comments and reply

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