January 14, 2014

Jyotish {Vedic} Horoscopes for the Week of 1.13 & Makar Sankranti.

The beginning of the week, Moon is in its last three tithis of Shukla Paksha (waxing phase) before it is full (purnima) and then begins its Krishna Paksha phase (waning) mid week.

Moon transits Gemini, Cancer and into Leo this week.

Moon will be at its fullest point on 1.15 at 22:51 CST while in Cancer (Full Moon). It will have just entered Cancer and will be slightly sandhi (in the gap) in Punarvasu nakshatra. Punarvasu is ruled by Aditi, the universal mother of goodness and expansion of consciousness, as well as the planet Jupiter. In the coming weeks, expect some new assistance to be coming to you, helping with your overall expansion, fulfillment and desires for change. Aditi brings us nourishment, protection and abundance—the offerings of a kind and loving mother.

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Mars makes a shift on 1.14, moving from Hasta nakshatra (ruled by Savitr, expansion of consciousness) to Chitra- ruled by Vishvakarma and the planet Mars. Vishvakarma is the “celestial architect” and brings us his divine building skills. Whereas Hasta prepares us mentally and creatively, Chitra puts the plans into action and brings visions into reality. The symbol for Chitra is a shining jewel which exemplifies the fruits of our labors being powerful and directly relates to the ornamentation this nakshatra adores. Resources come with Chitra as well as much creativity as its connected to artisans and those who manifest their visions into reality. Mars will be a prominent player in the many “planetary dances” of 2014.

All the major planets will be changing signs this year (expect an article on this) while Mars moves between Virgo and Libra until September with some unusual movements—directly effecting our “action” steps. Use this time to start building your empire.

Sun makes a sign change from Sagittarius into Capricorn on 1.14 at 01:19 am CST. This marks an important movement towards a more auspicious time of year (spring and a time of growth) in the Vedic calendar. This day of the Sun’s movement into Capricorn is named Makar Sankranti. Interestingly, unlike the majority of Vedic celebrations which are calculated by the placement of the Moon, this celebration is calculated by the position of the Sun. Sun is connected to father, knowledge, power, the Soul and the light within.

As Sun will be in transition and considered sandhi (in the gap/the in between realms) until Thursday we may notice a slow start to the week as well as some frustrations with our action steps. Thinking vs. doing might be in a tug of war. Get organized and be methodical in your approach to work and your own shining.

Sun is pleasant to Capricorn, and Sun and Mercury (also in Capricorn currently) work efficiently together. Play your cards right (intention, good deeds, abiding by Natural Laws, using good character and good will) and progress will be made in the coming weeks. This is a powerful time to set intentions and goals for the 2014 in order to have a rich harvest.

Perhaps the most noteworthy change of the week comes via Jupiter. His retrograde movements have been pushing him back into the belly of Gemini giving us ample opportunities to re-evaluate, re-calculate, re-communicate, re-assess—with creativity, action steps, effort, courage, mental processing and the like. He has been moving through Punarvasu nakshatra (ruled by Aditi—mother of nourishment as stated above) and then began his retrograde movement (which has kept him in Punarvasu) since 9.1 of last year.

The theme for many months has been a general trend of “nourishment” and support which has provided many of us with some new underlying sense of stability and growth.

This week there is a shift as retrograde Jupiter moves back into Ardra nakshatra for the next few Months. Jupiter goes direct on 3.6 but then must re-trace his steps in forward motion through Ardra until he steps once again into Punarvasu on 4.24. The next 3.5 months of Jupiter’s movements through Ardra nakshatra will bring trends of expansion of a different kind. Whereas Aditi has provided a lasting type of assistance and expansion, Ardra is ruled by Rahu and Rudra energy.

There is great power and momentum available with this nakshatra, however it is more worldly and destructive. The symbol is a teardrop and perspiration which points to both extreme emotion (especially anger) as well as effort. Rudra is storm energy which can be harnessed for grande movement, epic changes, travels and moves in general (think harnessing storm winds or sails used for powering ships) while the Rahu rulership of this nakshatra elicits worldly motivations, directions and desires.

A powerful position for expansion in a different direction.

While there is possibility for calamity, chaos and misery, there is also great potential for monetary gains, new fame and notoriety, worldly desires manifesting, and great changes to transpire—moving us forward towards goals and aspirations. Specifically we may notice cravings and shadows develop with regard to our relationships—business, friendships, romantic and how and who we relate.

A note of caution is necessary as we will be dealing with shadows and the veil of illusions in general; be mindful of your intentions, motivations and purpose. Are they aligned with a higher purpose? Natural Laws? Beneficial to others as well as your Self? Greatest support and sustainability will come when our actions are aligned with the greater good. Putting some effort into our shadow Self, the illusions of life and being aware that the serpent energy will be alive and well as a learning lesson, can help put this time period into perspective. Read more about this movement of Jupiter and his transit through Gemini here.

 If you have been uncertain about seeking guidance and support for the coming year, I urge you to reach out and get help refining your vision for 2014. Intention is potent! It is a big year with multiple {major} planetary changes. We will experience the changes of Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu, Saturn and unusual movements of Mars all in the next eleven months. Big changes are in store for each of us! Feeling uncertain about your action steps? What needs to change in order for growth? What kind of support you need? 

Utilize my jyoti/creative arts activities as a healing & awareness tool for your week. This week’s activity has to do with stepping towards our New Year, and closing doors to the past.

*Horoscopes are based on your Vedic rising sign. You can also check your Moon and Sun signs for further insight. Do the same with your Navamsa signs for further clarity. Do not use these horoscopes with your “Western Sign” as there is likely no correlation. These horoscopes are meant to be used as a broad overview of the current transits and obviously do not address the specifics of an individual’s unique chart.

Aries: Use mental courage with career and what may feel like initial setbacks. Trust that the outcome will prove valuable and provide forward momentum in the long run. You are getting a chance for increased comfort, support and nourishment right now. Celebrate your gains but watch for relationship tests and lessons—especially in the coming weeks. The courage you have been cultivating recently will be required for boundaries and clearly stating your needs. Don’t put up with sharks, but try not to become one either.

Taurus: Take in new knowledge and guidance for increased comfort and support. Don’t get over powered by ego and big personalities. You should be able to see through that by now. Trust your gut instincts. You are still digesting rocks and must watch your diet—avoid overly rajasic and heavy foods. Keep it simple and fresh. Meditation is an excellent use of your time. This is a period of purging and letting go of old relationships and people/things that don’t bring lasting comfort and support. Start a rummage pile.

Relationships continue to provide expansion, awareness, and growth as you re-trace your steps, going over very old, familiar territory. Perhaps it is helping your career, but feeling bittersweet in other ways. As Sun moves to your eighth house, courage may be in hiding for the coming weeks. Use this opportunity to gain a fresh perspective, to dig deep into your past for insights—but don’t get taken advantage of while you sit on the bench thinking things through. Start working with your shadows and illusions, you’ll need the insights once your Sun emerges from its hiding place.

Full Moon in Cancer this week gives you a moment of glow, inspiration and new awareness. You need courage right now to deal with friendships that may feel more like enemies—aka frenimies. Boundaries and intuition will prove useful for being clear about needs and wants; take affirmative action to protect your Self. Relationships will either help or hurt your forward momentum with career, home and heart; be intentional with your motives. What pieces are you missing? Gain clues this week into finding new and more harmonious ways to co-exist.

Leo: Use your efforts to courageously power forward and harness the changing winds for a new direction. You are in a digestion phase which will prove useful to assimilate and integrate pieces of your Self and your ego. The insights will prove valuable for finding clarity and increased comfort and support. Speak your needs/wants and make sure your relationships are aligned with these. Use intuition and creativity to dive deep. Turn these golden nuggets into new offerings with career and artistry. Listen to your gut.

Virgo: Cleaning and clearing the heart is a good use of your efforts and time right now. Art may prove a powerful resource for this. Check in with emotions- especially anger. There is great power here and a need to roar and find your voice. Connect your career with education, learning, creativity and childlike wisdom. Remember when you were a child? What pieces were missing and what do you still need for wholeness? Cultivate that presence and awareness now and focus on getting the nourishment and support that was missing from your early childhood. This will prove valuable with regard to relationships and emotions.

The heart doesn’t lie. What is the emotional residue that remains- keeping you from trusting and embracing relationships fully? As the losses continue to feel like they are piling up, check in with anger and the mental/emotional balance within; try to recalibrate. Courage with relationships is necessary right now as well as your creativity and artistry. There is great ability to learn and grow with these tools however so keep moving towards possible gains. Meditation will help cultivate more presence with your mental/emotional bodies so don’t neglect your spiritual practices.

Scorpio: Watch what goes in and out of your mouth right now. You may be having a reaction to relationships and mental/emotional issues. Your courage is in transformation while intuition and digestion seem to be working in reverse- causing some upsets. Watch for flare ups and indigestion. Get support on some of the old issues that may be creeping back in and don’t neglect the red flags along the way. You have a chance to make some lasting changes right now so listen up and face the facts. Who and what angers you and robs you of your power?

Sagittarius: Some tension exists between you and your career. Losing your momentum and desire? Friction with relations at work and with friends? This is a chance for you to work on your emotions—especially your needs. What type of support and comfort do you need and who do you need it from? Try to get clear on needs and wants in order to lessen the tension. This may be about your boundaries and speaking directly to others about what you are willing to offer and what is beyond your comfort zone. Speak up.

Sun moves to your first house this week, moving you out of some reclusive months of introspection and hiding. The lights are turning back on. What will you do with your new vision, power and momentum? There’s a lot flickering in your heart fire and still much cleanup and transformation with relationships in general. Career fluctuations and changes continue; align with older and established enterprises for more sustainability and support. The notoriety will come when your feet are more firmly planted.

Aquarius: As Sun moves into Capricorn this week, you move into a month of hiding, regeneration, transformation and endings. Don’t worry, this can be a metamorphosis that brings renewal on the other side. Use this time for strengthening intuition and digestion; the mind/body connection. You continue to work on themes involving relationships, lessons with your heart and emotions, home and mother as well as siblings and friendships. Though courage feels hard to find at times, keep stepping- one foot at a time.

As you continue to clean up the residue within your heart, much of the current relationship woes will mend themselves. There’s a general restructuring happening around relationships—most appear to be effecting career and work agendas as well as your courage and creativity. Use this time to digest and process the gains and setbacks you’ve been experiencing with strong personalities and your own passion. Rewind. What pieces of that passion are alive and well within you? What passion is being stoked within you as a result of these encounters? Anger is powerful, so use it for forward momentum and gain. Don’t stuff it.


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