January 30, 2014

Unseen & Seen: The Red-Tailed Hawk. ~ Nancy Schluntz {Poem}

Sitting outside, quiet and calm
I did not see you
Until you took flight.

Silent, hidden in the leaves and dappled light,
Movement caught my eye
As you fell into a glide,
Wings outstretched.

Swooping low over the meadow,
Strong beats to gain height
You circled over my head
And showed your tail,
Feathers rust in the sunlight.

“Thank you for letting me see you,” I said.
I was there all along. On some level, you knew, you replied.
You circled high and in one long glide,
Slipped back into the leaves again,
To show me how it’s done.

Then off again, power and grace.
“Good hunting,” I called.
Intensely focused, on some level you heard.


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Assistant Editor: Claire Weber/Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo Via: Wikimedia Commons

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