February 12, 2014

Going Deaf. ~ Alice Maldonado Gallardo {Poem}

 Fire by Mari Francille


My body is asking me to listen.

My sickness is the scream of a long forgotten voice

hidden inside the pores, the veins,

and the organs of my body,

the temple of my soul,

the sanctuary of my spirit.


I left my body orphaned.

I followed the light of others,

when I did not see mine.

I saved others from drowning,

when I had the ocean

inundating me inside.

I followed the trail of stars at night,

when I blocked the suns of my eyes.


I avoided the conversation

with my Soul.

I ignored the voices found

in each of my heartbeats.

I ignored the drum calls

vibrating in my ears.

I silenced the murmurs of my blood

running in my veins.


I was scared to hear

that pain is so real.

As real as the fire

that burns and suffocates

the skin of the Earth.

As real as the head

that falls from the guillotine

and stops at the feet of the Queen.

And as real as the separation

of the body and soul

after the last breath.


I lived in denial,

in an eternal lie.

Pain is an illusion,

Pain is weak,

but Pain did not lie.


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Assistant Editor: Kathryn Rutz / Editor: Bryonie Wise

Photo: Mari Francille on flickr creative commons

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