Chasing Happiness can make Us Miserable. {Video}

Via Walk The Talk Show
on Mar 11, 2014
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Waylon Lewis

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis.

How to be Happy from a Buddhist Perspective with Waylon Lewis. Includes Meditation Instruction.

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About Walk The Talk Show

Walk the Talk Show with Waylon Lewis is fun, yet fundamentally serious. We aim to be "The Daily Show of mindfulness," spreading the good news beyond the choir to those who weren't sure they gave a care. Our videos are featured on more than 20 sites, including Fan us on facebook too.


3 Responses to “Chasing Happiness can make Us Miserable. {Video}”

  1. Linda V. Lewis says:

    Great dialogue on writing + meditation instruction!
    To Tiffany I would also suggest that the world becomes contemplative when we meditate, the world becomes non-dual. Also would suggest Writing Down the Bones, Natalie Goldberg's book. But also that there is nothing wrong with the "fallow" periods when one is not writing.
    Waylon, I loved what you said to Catherine about VCTR, proclamation of truth, being genuine, writing and art as an expression of sanity rather than entertainment, which he considered mere distraction. Also he liked living art, didn't like museums so much, but loved installations in which rooms looked lived in and welcomed people to linger and inhabit them. Bravo!

  2. elephantjournal says:

    Mama! Thanks for the advice! I wish I had you here in person to help! We'd be a good one-two punch (punch of love).

  3. Melina says:

    I enjoyed these videos. Thanks for making buddhist concepts and meditation teachings accesible and explaining them well. I also grew up somewhat in the buddhist community too, as you know, but never really became a practicing buddhist.