April 1, 2014

All Natural Tattoo Removal. {April Fool’s Edition}

Tattoos are part of fashion mainstream.

People get tattoos for many reasons.

Reasons for getting a tattoo.

1. To be a rebel.

2. Show commitment to a group.

3. To feel mature.

4. Spring break boredom.

5. To have an intense experience.

6. To look like a badass.

7. A desire to be decorated with art.

8. Commemorate a life event.

9. A desire to feel unique or get attention.

In many cases, the tattoo is a cherished object. It is something the owner appreciates for the remainder of their life.

Tattoos are permanent.

Sometimes people regret getting their skin tattooed and consider tattoo removal.

Reasons for tattoo regret.

1. The tattoo is of a boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s name who is no longer in the picture.

2. Allergic reactions to the dyes in tattoos cause itchy, red bumps or infections.

3. Worry about tattoos causing problems with employment.

4. Fear of other people’s judgement.

5. Guilt about spending money on the tattoo.

6. Outgrown childish tattoos gotten as teenagers.

7. Shame of having given into peer pressure and getting a tattoo as just another way to fit into the crowd.

Laser tattoo removal can be costly and painful. What if there were a painless and inexpensive way to remove our tattoos? British and South African physicians were wondering the same thing in 1988 and 1990 and came up with some surprising experimental results.

The physicians used a control group of 670 patients, who were wishing to remove their tattoos. In both scientific studies the tattoo removal recipe was found to be simple and effective with an 85 percent success rate.

The process of this tattoo removal is really quite simple. The doctors mixed common, mildly acidic household ingredients and applied them topically on the tattoo. Performing a mild, controlled burn triggers the body to generate new skin, much like the effects of laser tattoo removal. As the body repairs the damaged skin, the ink naturally breaks down and migrates to the surface with the new skin growth. The body is actually doing most of the work. The acidic mixture is simply the catalyst.

Although the thought of applying an acidic mixture to our skin seems extreme, it is similar to a facial peel done at the esthetician’s office. It is referred to as the poor man’s laser.

The recipe for natural tattoo removal.

1. Mix equal parts fresh lime juice and vinegar.

2. Deeply cleanse skin with soap and an abrasive pad.

3. Apply the lime juice, vinegar mixture.

4. It will sting for several minutes.

5. Apply antibiotic ointment and dress with gauze for several days.

6. A scab will form.

7. No picking.

8. When the scab falls off the tattoo will be considerably faded or gone.

9. This process can be repeated once every six weeks until the desired results are attained.

A tattoo is a permanent reminder of a moment in one’s past. This is a safe, inexpensive and fast way to remove unwanted tattoos.

 “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.” ~ Johnny Depp

To see all the before and after pictures, click here. 


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