May 23, 2014

Explore the Fringes of Life & Love.

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I keep thinking we are out of the weeds with the famous Grand Cross remnants of April, whereby every major planet was shifting and transiting and doing some sort of conjunction, all the while creating more than its fair share of digging deep into human behavior.

It was more than enough to take in at any one sitting or standing, or even plainly conducting life as it needed to be. Mars is now also moving forward again (after a two-month retrograde, but still in the partnership sign of Libra until July) and showing us what the red planets’ power had on us when it came to relationships and where they stand.

We all paid attention, took a few steps back to reassess, wrote down manifestations to coincide with all this heavenly activity, yet we continue to have the cosmos asking us to go a step further, to keep exploring.  I love it.

The momentary bows of tranquility pale in comparison to what the past few months have served us on a very large platter. The grandest scale of rising hearts and souls almost makes one feel as though it might be time for a little exploring and adventure and determination to see those dreams come through and true.

I can sense when I’m ready to take on more. There is a pulsation building and a faith that breaking out of old ruts and patterns has accepted more weight by the decision to explore more of the outer fringes of life, the outside parts of the box.

People, including myself, are testing the boundaries and not just the Libras, who have the motto of being the “iron fist in the velvet glove,” but every astrological sign under the sun with a passion for getting out there and doing something different and life-changing and radical.

If you fly solo on your excursion, this can be a potent combination of splendor and growth, and moments of making your shedding skin feel like it no longer hangs on with weights and baggage. If you partner up with a soul who finds the adventure just as expansive, the freedom that you two allow within the dynamic is so incredibly inspiring that it’s difficult not to grow together in love and intimacy. Both paths of forward momentum are so full of cherished treasures, you might be hard-pressed to determine which way is best for you.

This has been a pretty eye-opening six months or so for me. The love of my life and I are undergoing a great big overhaul. I perpetuated the movement back in October, during a poignant time of finishing up a book project that demanded my focus and attention. I can claim to be a multi-tasking person, but when it comes to love and willingness and compromise, I can fall short on giving my undivided attention, and it comes at a cost, especially when working on a book with love as the subject matter.

You see, I am a seeker. I get all giddy and childlike when I sense change and purpose and newness. It can be infectious to some, and often annoying to others. When I don’t have the answers to some basic questions relating to life plans, this is me doing what I do best—reveling in the unknown with ample amounts of trust and allowing my Higher Power to take over.

It has become more prominent in the past year, as my love for this man took on more depth and acceptance and, yes, my needs of self-care. I wouldn’t have even considered this journey to be so life-changing and special if we both lacked the free will to participate. If this was a cake walk, I wouldn’t be in it. But, I also know that my own heart requires special measures of space and alone time to rejuvenate and restore, thus the need to explore.

So I sit a lot in silence. I do more yoga now than I ever had in the past. I challenge my own body and mind to understand the hows and whys of being ever-present in a partnership that could be forever, or could sadly fade away. I know we love each other, as four years of being best friends and mirrors for each other was a gift unto ourselves.

It pushed me to my edge in every beautiful possible way. It humbled me to learn more about my emotional insides, which often weren’t that simple. The laughter and silliness we shared at the onset gave way to digging up our core selves and learning about who we really are. It tested us, spread our emotions out onto the table, showed us the masculine and feminine powers within both of us.

It wasn’t always pretty, yet this exploration taught us more about being real, being patient, being compassionate, being so damn close all the time, we wondered where one ended and the other began. Growing and shifting happens. It morphs and challenges and creates more blood flow between the fibers of our beings. Life and love are so worth every single ounce of this stuff. If not now, when?

Instead of giving way to worry and doubt, my soul has risen and is catching me so off guard with great strength and ease. I look to it for the next phase of this process. I know deep within the residence of my own heart what I need, yet I admire this man, his passions, his pursuits, and his sense of everything that is good.

What we choose to do with our hearts and love is a reflection of whom we have become and where we are going. It magnifies outward and creates a ripple effect that doesn’t require any explanation. We just are.

Exploring wherever, whenever, however allows an outcome that might be so unbelievably pleasurable and unexpected, and perhaps give us the impetus to continue our lifelong journey of learning and listening to the song of different hearts.

“We love life, not because we are used to living but because we are used to loving.”

~ Friedrich Nietzsche


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