June 17, 2014

5 Minutes A Day Can Change Your Life. ~ John Kalinowski & Jami Patterson

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We were all raised in a world where we tend to place a huge amount of importance on what other people think of us.

Many of us are concerned with “keeping up with the Jones’”—or maybe now it’s the Kardashians. Whether these people are actually neighbors at the end of your suburban cul-de-sac, close friends or total strangers, we live in a culture obsessed with acquiring stuff and building status to be more important in the eyes of others, and none of it actually makes anybody “happy.”

For me, it’s so deeply programmed in my psyche that I don’t even realize I’m chasing after the Jones’ until I’m running so fast that I fall on my face.

It’s then that I ask if this is just another thing outside of myself that I am hoping will fill me up and “make” me happy?

More money, an impressive career, a hot body, a beach house… do any of these things actually help me learn how to be happy on a day-to-day basis? Nope. Happiness only stems from learning to love myself and others on a deeper level. But, I can’t always see that.

Each day I have to practice detaching from my thoughts, so that I can see more clearly. My most important tool is meditation.

Six years ago I began by taking just five minutes every morning to close my eyes and focus on my breath. When a thought passes through my head, I just keep coming back to the rhythm of my breathing. This practice helps me to listen to myself on a deeper level, which is where the real answers are, and the way in which I continue to gain a firmer grasp on what happiness really means.

Somewhere deep inside, we each know the answers. Happiness is nothing you can acquire, it comes from unearthing the calm peaceful loving core that exists in each one of us, and using it to navigate all of the challenges we face. It’s one challenge at a time, one day at a time.

But, the more we practice even just five minutes per day, the easier it becomes.

Have a beautiful week!

John (& Jami)


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