July 7, 2014

He. ~ Tiana Davis {Poem.}

Photo: Emily Hildebrand/Flickr

You meet by chance

A pause in her gait

A backwards glance

Something convinces her to wait

To turn around and converse

None of it rehearsed

You exchange niceties

You say your goodbye

You agree to see each other again

Yet you don’t know why

She lives in another land

Though it isn’t far

A place full of big dreams and plans

Full of glitz, glam, and stars

Her rare form entices you

And her intelligence will suffice

You start off the gentleman

Throwing on your cloak of nice

You fill her head with fantasies

Oh you fill her to the brim it’s true

Convince her you aren’t just temporary

Convince her to wait for you

You break her heart everyday

Then help her pick it back up and put it away

Then one day

You see something change

Her time is limited

But her skin is glowing

Her designer gown seems more fitted

Her confidence is showing

You ask her a simple question

What can this be?

She gives you that backward glance and says one word


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Apprentice Editor: Marcee Murray King/Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Emily Hildebrand/Flickr

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