July 21, 2014

Letter to My Little Warriors of Love. ~ Jennifer Perry

Jennifer Perry Family

To my little Love Warriors: here is what I’m building for us.

A space: to Love, to adventure, to philosophize. Sometimes we cry in this space, sometimes we build forts, sometimes we color on walls on paper on windows. Sometimes we dig into the earth and into ourselves.

We are a chimney of hope. Of love.
We gather, we grow and we know who we are.
We are kind, sincere and part of a bigger plan.
We question everything because it’s important.

It’s a windier day when the energy of our collective thoughts are in a state of anxiety, stress and falsehood.

Pray during these times.


Light a candle and always use it to your advantage. Ask yourself what causes you to have an upset stomach, anxiety. Find strength in that knowledge. When the days get long and uneventful bring your best self, find a guilty pleasure and indulge sometimes.

As you grow into grades higher and higher, look out for the littler ones; you may be the best role model they ever get to watch. It’s never possible to know what’s going on with strangers or people personally, try to understand that before passing judgment. We are all doing the best we can for where our emotional and intellectual state of minds happen to be. Just surrender in times like that, have an internal compass and trust it. It feels like a shiver or an unbinding place of freedom.

It feels like home.

If you want to pick your attitude up, go do something you love. Build a Dixie cup tower or create a new world map.  Include states of minds you like being in let them be your 50 States. Michigan is for meditation, Tennesse is for take walks, California is for curiosity.

It’s essential for us to enrich our experiences and be brave; it is needed for us to better serve the world. Through those experiences we will grow…and grow…and grow.

Don’t hide too long in the times where you are confused, frustrated or sad about something. Find community in times like that. Hang out long enough to process it then move on and find the beauty in that.

Be a gentle soul sometimes, empathy is so important when we’re making new friends. Always be kind in disagreements, learn how to hear others’ opinions and thoughts without our personal thoughts blocking them. We won’t always agree, but it’s important to listen.  

Everybody is the guru when you learn how to listen.

Seeking out older people is awesome, they are so passionate when they talk about their younger years…we are hearing a story of the very best parts of an 80 year old tale! Ask questions! Our compassion will develop, our curiosity will be sparked we will live the life we were meant to lead.

At all times ask for help.

We are hard wired for this; it is in our DNA everyone wants to help. Sometimes they won’t know how. Take their hand and show them. Be a leader in love and compassion. For a few of those people it might change there entire outlook.

When we have had enough, set boundaries. If we don’t know how, get helpers for this, always look for the helpers.

Don’t bother with violence, oppression or war. Be the change. Know what that means. Think about it often, observe the changes and strides we make learning about ourselves, our perspective, and how we relate it to the world.

Connect with music, it is the gateway to yourself. When nothing and everything is happening always keep company with music. It is the key to connection, to freedom.

Never be afraid of death because love never dies. We are always together; your thoughts are part of my soul. I will find you in any circumstance, my connection to you will never go away because we are all connected to nature, to the rivers that flow.

Remember those rivers all flow to the same ocean. We are all drops that send waves to the depths of all living things.

Always remember that love is all we need.


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       Apprentice Editor: Brenna Fischer/ Editor: Catherine Monkman

       Photo Credit: Author’s Own

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