July 9, 2014

You’ve Got This Whole Law of Attraction Thing All Wrong. ~ Lloyd Burnett

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You’ve tried using the Laws of Attraction to increase your bank account.

You’ve been practicing the steps of “ask, believe and receive” for quite some time now and you’re starting to get a bit antsy because it doesn’t seem to be working.

Why isn’t it going as smoothly for you as it did for the author of that book you read on manifestation? Something isn’t working, but you want your money and you want it now!

Take a breath and let’s break down your attempt to manifest money so that we can see why the Universe is not parting the clouds and dumping the Benjamin Franklins into your bank account.

You understand the premise of the Laws of Attraction, right? Like attracts like. This means you will attract things into your life that have the same frequency as you. This is where your conscious manifestation process has gone awry.  You’re asking for more prosperity and believing that you have it, but not receiving the lump sum of cash.

Want to know why your manifestation practice keeps breaking down in the last step?

Ask yourself this incredibly simple, but super important question.

What part of me wants to manifest more money and why?

It’s quite possible that when you’re asking for something, you’re asking for it from a place of lack or from a part of yourself that believes that you need to have more to be more.

Why are you trying to manifest more money? Is it because you think you will be more attractive with more money? Do you think you’ll be more powerful with more money? Do you think you’ll finally be worthy of more attention from your friends or coworkers?

Will having more money prove to your parents that your decisions were right and finally get their love and approval?

As I stated before, the Law of Attraction is very simple: Like attracts like. Therefore, if you are trying to manifest more money from a place of lack or seeking love, acceptance, or approval, that means that your current feeling state is one of unworthiness and feeling unloved, unseen, unheard and rejected.

What you’re trying to do is attract more money to change that feeling state. However, the Law of Attraction doesn’t deal with change.

The Law of Attraction just deals with things of the same vibration.

Wishes for things that will change the way you or others feel about yourself won’t be fulfilled. You only receive things into your life because it’s the same vibration as you.

Ask yourself that important question right now: What part of me is trying to manifest more money? If it’s a part of you that believes that you have to do more or have more to be powerful, worthy of love, seen, heard and accepted, then you will continue to attract more situations into your life that reflect that feeling of lack and needing something outside of you to experience peace.

That lump sum of cash will not find its way to you until you realize that you’re already enough and start consciously manifesting things from a place of inherent worth.



3 Reasons Why the Law of Attraction Just Doesn’t Work. 


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Photo: Lewis Minor/Flickr

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