August 30, 2014

Magnificent Goddess. ~ Charrise McCrorey {Poem}


While browsing online, a photograph stabbed me

Four brave women, huddled together

Smiling, close enough to be touching

Stark naked.

Hands strategically placed over nipples and

The Vs at their apex

Breathtaking smiles and beguiling bravery.

My leaky eyes and achy heart

Wrenching at the possibility that I could be like them.


Then this.

An aggressive appeal,

An audacious ask

For me to joyously join

To share my body story,

Becoming bare, exposed on camera

Taking a stand for those less certain

Whose bodies aren’t something enough

Bodies seen through my own fearful, judging eyes.



My answer to the invitation

Is yes

There is something for me here

To see, and be, and do

To feel, to express

To learn,

To mourn

To heal.


Poking and provoking my deeply rooted beliefs

That an ideal body exists

And that my own would never be that.

These four women

Daring and fearlessly declaring

That they are indeed enough, now

Awoke something in me

That I could be



What if

I nurtured and fertilized

A compelling fascination

To be truly and irrevocably seen

My self loathing loaned,

Then traded for self loving

Cultural currency called into question

Hurtful ignorance abolished

In-acceptance of diversity admonished.


I can imagine a world of gracious embraces of

Multiple and remarkable shapes and sizes and colors

Juicy pears and ripe apples,

Containers for wisdom and wit

Deftly dismissing my own long held hatred

Of my misshapen,

Hideous rolling layers of supplementary skin

Or another’s self loathing

Too skinny and unshapely and unsexy


Instead discovering our new truth

That they are and I am

A sacred soul

Cloaked in an uncovered, cracked open body

Liberal breasts drooping, jiggling, exposed

Or breasts flat and small, unmoving and practical

Stretched across strong bones and muscle

Bellies rounded and voluminous and used

Bared for all to love.


Too much-ness trumped by enough-ness

Bravely rising up past my own healing shame

Daring my licentious demons to return while

Boldly expressing by exposing

Expansive bodies hosting generous hearts,

Seductress salivating sensuality

Serenely savoring soulful self love.

Merging maternity

With sexuality.


Patiently making homes

And children

And peace

Procreating no small feat,

While small feet are bathed

In adoration

Arms wide, open-hearted mothers

Grandmothers aunts and sisters

All in celebration.


Beyond seeking accolades,

Acceptance or approval

Shattering unreal standards doubled


Willingness to be viewed in raw

And vivid technicolor

Voluptuous creatures created for creation

Spiritual beings contained in miraculous

Magnificent Goddess bodies.



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Editor: Travis May

Photo: Wiki Commons

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Read 1 comment and reply

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