September 28, 2014

An Appeal from Hong Kong: Occupy Central Right Now! {Constant Updates}

A plea from a citizen of Hong Kong to everyone. This is what is happening in Hong Kong right now.(youtube.com)

Constant Updates: Police using pepper spray at elderly at point blank range

Police fire tear gas as Occupy Central spreads and ranks of protesters swell (scmp.com)

  • Civic Party leader Alan Leong Kah-kit said at least 18 pan-democrat lawmakers would take part in the Occupy sit-in, including himself.
  • Police fired tear gas to disperse swelling crowds as protesters attempted to break police lines to reach Occupy Central’s main protest site at Tamar Park.
  • Occupy organiser Benny Tai Yiu-ting seemed surprised at the sudden swell of support. “It is totally unexpected,” he said.

According to the Occupy Central Twitter account timeline, the police have cut off the internet connection in Central,and either plan to or have done in Admiralty and Wan ChaiAlso the subway is no longer operating to Admiralty*.

Edit: Updated to refect that the subway is no longer operating to Admiralty, not Central as I posted. Thanks/u/samuelwong5.

Help right now! Via Redditland, a personal message asking us all to share right now:

I am so sorry. I am a Hong Kong people who just went to Admiralty, Central and Wan Chai. We, as protesters, did not bring anything that considered as weapons, and we only just sit on the road and told cops to leave and do not hurt us. However, what really hurt my heart was that they threatened us to leave by using Baton and Shield, even when we passed them a bottle of water they acted like they doesn’t really care what we did to them. Police right now force us to leave, and we don’t leave they will use rubber bullets to force us out. I, as a hongkonger, really hope reddit spread out our news to help us. Those protesters do not have any weapon, and they don’t even want to hurt those cops. But what the government does is that they do not care what people tried to express. English is my second language, and I really do hope people understand what I’m trying to say. …we need you. RIGHT NOW.

Edit: Right now the Hong Kong Federation of Students, the host of boycott classes past few days, warned people backed off from Central, and start another larger scale of boycott classes. Please spread out this message to your country.

Edit 2: just in case you really interested in it, this is the live of Hacourt Road :http://sonoapp.net/stream/u/MeeJTV

Edit 3: A video about this demostration :https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10154601180925392

Spread out everything to your country. Any photo, video or article that you can still get it from internet right now, shared to your friends, your community. This is what we can ask for right now.

China can hide the truth of tiananmen incident to their own people by suppressing everything. This time I hope redditors can help us to keep everything in record.

Hong Konger here. Please sign for “Support Hong Kong Democracy and Prevent A Second Tiananmen Massacre” on the White house petition website. I just want to say I am very touched to see people outside HK showing care.

you can help by sharing the HK Apple Daily realtime newslink on social networking sites. The news topics labelled 佔中啟動 contain update videos of the protest. There is also the 和平佔中 Youtube channel. Please help getting the truth out there.

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