November 27, 2014

20 Millennials Define What Happiness Means To Them.


The dictionary defines happiness as a state of well-being and contentment.

Happiness is something that we all feel, but each view differently.

As we grow, our definition of happiness continues to alter. When we were young, we most likely saw it as getting that shiny new toy or playing with friends at recess. But, as we mature our values begin to evolve and we see the whole world from a different perspective.

There is no “set” definition of happiness because we each create our own meaning. Happiness to me is letting go of negativity and learning to love everything about ourselves. Only we have the power to create our happiness, because people will come and go.

The obstacles we face in life will show us how being happy can help us reach life’s ultimate goals.

I asked twenty millennials what their definition of happiness is, and this is what they said:

“Happiness is weightlessness and freedom from life’s insecurities or frustrations, even for only a few seconds. It’s forgetting about bills, work, and other burdens so that for those few seconds or hours, you are free.” ~ Laura, 23

“Happiness is when I know I have good friends I can always count on. It’s lying in bed with a jar of Nutella and fast internet.” ~ Emily, 22

“Happiness to me is being able to find joy and contentment in really all parts of my life. When I can appreciate the good as much as the bad, I know I’ve reached happiness. When I know I can handle frustrating times and surround myself with positive people, I achieve the most happiness in my world. Happiness isn’t always being happy. For me it’s accepting life and seeing it as a whole picture. Not getting bothered by the bumps in the road, but being patient with myself and understanding that I’m human. When I’m in a good place internally, then I bring that energy with me and share it with the ones I love.” ~ Nina, 22

“It’s being surrounded by people that lift you up and make you a better person.” ~ Melissa, 21

“Happiness is the ultimate goal of life, fulfilled by finding the good in everything and not worrying about what you can’t control.” ~ Allie, 20

“It’s when you learn to love yourself first.” ~ Nancy, 22

“Happiness is finding yourself. It’s the things that make us feel whole or complete and letting that shine through all we do.” ~ Cassandra, 22

“Something that triggers the mind to cherish something forever and whenever you are down you will look back upon for joy.” ~ Sean, 22

“True happiness is when you don’t want anything in your life to change because everything is perfect right now.” ~ Kayla, 21

“Happiness is smiling for no reason, seeing beauty in the smaller things, staying hopeful in bleak situations.”  ~ Katie, 22

“A state of mind that is free of pain and suffering. Happiness is overall gratefulness of life and love for everything you surround yourself with.” ~ Amber, 22

“Happiness is being stress free hanging out with my brothers and parents while not having any worries in the world.” ~ Maura, 22

“Truly being the person you want to be.” ~ Jess, 22

“Peace of mind and hope for the future.” ~ Brett, 20

“Happiness is being active and doing things that put me in a good mood. It’s when I’m not stressed and most content with my work and life in general.” ~ Liz, 21

“Coming home from a long day of school and my dogs run up to me.” ~ Amanda, 18

“When I’m surrounded by people who love and care for me and enjoy the little things day by day.” ~ Deanna, 21

“Being able to live free, walk down the street and smile for no reason and love who you are.” ~ Sydney, 22

“Loving yourself and feeling confident with your present.” ~ Pat, 22

“Having no worries is happiness.” ~ Peter, 22


Happiness is the most important emotion we can feel in this world.

We don’t need the perfect life to be happy, we just need to make the best of every situation.

If we focused on more positive things in our lives, imagine how happy the world could truly be.




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Author: Erica Gossett

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: William/Flickr

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