November 6, 2014

Go Figure—the Numerology of Addresses.

710 Haight

Have you ever wondered if the address of your home, condo, apartment or mobile home could affect the energy and ambience of your living space?

Well, it certainly does and in surprising ways!

The meaning of house numbers can predict and influence anything from your experience in a space, to the ideal social activities to host in your home.

Whether you’re house hunting or contemplating a move, investigating a home’s energy and the numerology meanings associated with the address is a great way to find what atmosphere in a home is best for you.

To assess your house number meaning, you will need to consult the address itself. If you live in a community with multiple units at a single address, such as an apartment, condo, or town-home, you should always look at the unit number only. If you live in a single family home, it’s the street address numbers that hold the power.

When a home or building is erected it is assigned a number which is its birth (or vibration) number. This energy is active for the entirety of the structure’s lifetime.

To calculate your residence number always reduce to a single digit. To do this, you must add up the digits in your address until you have a single digit.

Apt # 345 = (3+4+5) = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3.

Home address 2129 Green Valley = (2+1+2+9) = 14 = 1 + 4 = 5.  

Once you have your vibration number, you will be able to analyze the numerology meanings behind your address. Take a look at some of the highlights of vibration numbers 1 through 9:

1. A building with a vibration starting with one is a place for strong independent people. These spaces are best for a single person. Original personalities are able to grow and thrive here. When it comes to design, a modern flair always works best. This space is ideal for a new start in life.

2. Buildings with the vibration number of two are place of harmony and balance. This space creates a good atmosphere for partners or roommates, as it allows for working together and building deep bonds. Women in particular will excel here. These spaces often have a romantic aura. Thoughtful and tactful people will thrive here.

3. Vibration number three buildings are often a place that bring a light, fun and creative energy, making it a wonderful location for the artist soul. This is a great spot for gatherings and parties that draw strong sociability. People love to visit spaces with a vibration number of three. However, you must beware of scattered energies and vivid imaginations as they tend to get carried away here.

4. Buildings with a vibration number of four are places where a more serious atmosphere and security is important. People who play by the rules and have practical attitudes often do well in these spaces. Home improvements may take a while in four energy homes but the investment is worth it in the long term. These spaces create a stable atmosphere to build relationships with each other as well as with the building, as tenants often stay long term.

5. Vibration number five buildings embrace change, that at times, can produce a whirlwind of activity. Progressive individuals enjoy the essence of excitement that these spaces produce. Flexibility and curiosity are required traits to excel in a five energy home. People come and go in these spaces, bringing an ebb and flow of tenants. Rental properties often have a five energy associated with them.

6. Six is the classic number for the family home. It is here where traditional values live and strong family ties are honored. Responsibility also steps forward in these spaces, allowing for the care for the home and its occupants, such as an elderly relative. In these homes, traditional holidays are happy, shared events with adults and children alike.

7. Seven energy homes are spaces where quiet solitude is cherished. These homes exude a strong spiritual feeling that makes every day feel like a retreat. Couples and individuals alike will enjoy this peaceful energy that allows for the escape of everyday stressors. Those who wish to work quietly at home, like writers or holistic healers, will find this energy inspirational.

8. Homes with an eight energy are often a good investment as #8 is the money number. People looking to show their financial power through art collections or well-decorated interiors will enjoy this high profile energy. Social events with important local people can grow money for charities. While money for improvements to this property can pay off, beware of going overboard.

9. Spaces with a nine energy are where tolerance, compassion and the company of friends are valued above all else. Spiritual growth joins inspirational work to help the less fortunate and improve the world at large. People who strive to cross borders and improve the lives of others do very well in a nine energy home. It is in these places that travelers, spiritual gurus and teachers come together and show how love and acceptance can bring magic into life.

For more information about your home’s vibration number and those that live in units assigned by letter may benefit from speaking to an experienced numerologist. Choosing the place that you call home is a big decision and understanding a the numerology energy of a home, before moving in, can ensure that you make the best decision for you and your family. ~

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