November 24, 2014

How We Might Actually Be Able to Pull Off a 5 Minute Plank.

5 min plank pose

There is just something about plank pose that always intimidated me.

Maybe it was because it’s also referred to as the top of your push-up position and I was always the worst kid in gym class when it came to push-ups! I would always wind up putting my knees down to the floor and, at least in primary school, that was a mark of shame.

As I started practicing yoga, I realized that there’s no need to just stay as still as a rock in any pose. In fact, in my personal experience, that’s what leads to many injuries. When we stay still, forcing our bodies to cease any movement, we are tensing too much and putting unnecessary stress on all of our muscles. This is not very fun at all!

My plank pose might not be perfect, but the fun is in the imperfections. Also, isn’t that why yoga is called a practice? There is no perfection, only growth.

I began to play around with my plank pose by adding movement and variations to it, which made it so much more fun and easy to stay in. I hope you’ll join me for a five-minute plank pose!

Bring some play into your practice and let your body moves as it needs to. Breathe deeply and relax where you can. Relax the eyes, your smile, your neck and your arms. When you use more muscles than you need to, you’re making your body work harder than it needs to and the pose won’t be as fun.

Smile and laugh, maybe play with your dog with your free hand when you’re up in side plank. There are no rules saying you can’t have fun with yoga or that you have to stay perfectly still in every pose. If there are rules like that, then let’s break them together!

There is no wrong way to do yoga and no wrong way to do a pose. Your practice is yours and yours alone. So, you might as well have fun with it!


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Author: Stacy Porter

Editor: Travis May

Photo:Video Still


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laportama Jan 13, 2015 7:22pm

I'm doing low plank AKA Dolphin plank most of the year. I was up to 4:45 but then got sick; I'm slowly back up to 4+ minutes. High plank is next. I do it first thing in the morning and it's a real energetic jumpstart.

BTW, that I had been planking and thus strengthening my core came in real handy after surgery; getting from lying -> sitting -> standing was very difficult. And they had to use my pec muscles to rebuild my chest. TY, DD.

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Stacy Porter

Stacy Porter is a yoga instructor, writer, and dirt worshiper. She loves her garden, having tea parties with the fairies, and howling at the moon with her Jack Russell Terrier, Mackenzie. She’s on a mission to improve human-fairy relations one glitterbomb at a time…which just means that she passionately believes that we need to return to love, connect with Mother Earth, and remember that magic is real and already at our fingertips. She blogs about everyday magic, plant-based eating, and green spirituality at her website about everyday ways to make this world a better place. You can also find her onTwitterFacebookand Instagram.