November 21, 2014

My Loopy, Discursive Mind. {Poem}


My loopy, (dis)cursive mind

You seductive snake
You slippery quicksand
I throw a plank overtop you
Thinking it a bridge
Yet still I sink into
Your troughs
And recklessly chase your peaks

I heard speak of the Middle Way
But all I’ve ever known
Is your amphetamine-laced high
And your sucking, dark depths
You nagging mosquito
The second I find peace
You needle me to one extreme
Or another
Pushing me toward my opiate
Or dragging me into a feeble submission

Maybe it’s that I work too hard
To please you
So I give in and accept
Your tempting gifts
When they’re there for the taking
And I cling to your cloying fruit
Well past its expiration

But here’s an idea:
You stay where you are
Keep doing what you’re doing
And I’ll climb into this boat here
And push off, in search of my way to the center


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Author: Eve Mersfelder

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Wikipedia

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