January 8, 2015

{Adult} “I was shocked by this American Apparel dress, but the comments are golden!!”

Oh, American Apparel. 

(clicketyclickclick below to see huge)

american apparel

Still, American Apparel’s yoga line is fair labor, and they finally fired Dov (though messaging on the site still mentions him doing the photoshoots).


For further evidence, click here:

American Apparel & the Case of the Yoga Model who’s never done Yoga.

Naked American Apparel (not what you think. Okay, it is, too.)

American Apparel + Yoga.

Topless American Apparel Ad goes after Sweatshop Labor. {Nudity}

And, my favorite:

American Apparel Website model involuntarily Pumps up the Jam. (video)

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Read 3 comments and reply

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