January 17, 2015

Her Long Legs are a Prayer that Envelop Him. {Adult}

Ashley Harrigan/Flickr

Eyes smolder across the crowded room, a secret message for her only.

Her long silk gown clings to her curves, her bare back glistening under twinkling lights.

She is alone. 

Her mouth tugs up at the edges as she catches him observing her intently. He is speaking to someone at the bar, a woman. He laughs and flirts, but his eyes never leave her body, not for a moment.

She dances slowly, seductively, hips undulating deliberately to the languid beat. She is in no rush tonight. He drinks her in greedily. Her dark curls caress her shoulders and he longs to tangle her hair around his rough hands, to possess her until dawn.

The way her body moves suggests she could change his world forever.

Her crimson lips part slightly, sipping champagne, luring his attention to her small, perfect mouth. He envisages their naked forms entwined, soft probing kisses yielding to a panting embrace. Mouths open in ecstasy, moans muffled, lost in the other as their breathing becomes one.

His imagination slipped her out of that dress hours ago.

She is a goddess and he will worship her. He caresses her full breasts, holy in their beauty. He trails the smooth line of her spine, lingering in the hollow at the base, pulling her tightly against his waiting body. He is her willing pilgrim, ready to sacrifice to her, if she will allow him.

If she is shocked by his touch, she doesn’t show it. She whispers magic in his ear, driving him wild. Her words burn a fire inside him. He has known her before, in many other lifetimes. He would recognize her soul anywhere; its light blazes so brightly.

He imagines her on her back, hair splayed out on the crisp white pillow, keeping eye contact as he holds her hips and takes her. Her heat envelops him.

A single candle reflects her innocence back at him as she pierces his being with devoted eyes.

She wants all of him; including the parts he has never been willing to give. She demands him. Even as she writhes in pleasure she does not look away and he cannot tear his gaze from her.

She has enchanted him.

Their cries rise to a crescendo, their music more beautiful than any choir. Heaven becomes attainable here, in her arms. Her long legs are a prayer that envelop him, and he is pious in their thrall. They linger on the edge of paradise, oblivious to the world, and for that blissful moment, his demons are silenced.

He finds peace.

The crowd falls away as his attention returns to the room. He glides towards her. She loves the way he moves, a sleek panther stalking its prey. He knows exactly what he wants. She waits for him to reach her, unafraid of his hunger.

When he appears, he is silent. Words are not needed in this world of theirs. He holds out a hand to her and she interlaces her small fingers around his. She tiptoes on dancers feet to reach his cheek. Her light kiss makes him tingle.

“Shall we go home?'” he asks his wife.

You are my home.” she smiles.


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Author: JoJo Rowden

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: Ashley Harrigan/Flickr

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Read 3 comments and reply

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