January 10, 2015

So You’ve Broken Up With Lululemon—Now What?

locally made yoga clothes
* In my first Elephant Journal article, The Day I Broke Up With Lululemon I explored my awakening as to Lululemon’s true colors and how I said good bye to Lulu for good and found some great ethical and sustainable options.

Many people have asked me for a list of sustainable Made in Canada and Made in the USA options for yoga clothing.

Here it is!

When I went hunting on the internet I found lots of options for Made in Canada and the Made in USA Yoga Lines. I’m only going to highlight the sustainable and eco options because I’m equal parts tree hugger and punk rock.

Before I get into the clothing lines themselves allow me to explain why it’s important to be mindful about our Yoga clothes. I’m about to get a little “soap boxy” here but bear with me as it’s all for the greater good.

We vote with our dollars every day! Yup, it’s true. Every time we spend money we are saying “I support this” or “I value this”.

As individuals our small investments can make a difference.

It’s called supply and demand. Corporations produce what sells and stop producing what doesn’t, it’s that simple.

Buy cheap sh*t Made in China and they’ll make more of it. If we buy locally made, sweatshop-free and sustainable then we’ll have more of that in the world.

As Yogi’s I hope we’re practicing Ahimsa. This non-harming includes us, our fellow humans and the earth.

So, if we are buying Yoga clothing made abroad in a sweat shop, then we’re not practicing Ahimsa or seeing the big interconnected picture. To buy in-line with our values we need to consider those making our clothes and the damage to the earth that our spending habits cause.

Buy Local!

When we buy local we are reducing harmful emissions caused by transport and supporting an entrepreneur or a Mom and Pop shop to support themselves and their families. Buying local also helps our local economy (and rumor has it the economy isn’t doing so well).

The clothes feel better! If you haven’t experienced organic cotton or bamboo on your body for yoga you are seriously missing out!

Okay, so if you’re thinking right now, “Argh, it’s too much work, being socially responsible is exhausting, I don’t have the time” I hear that believe me!

I have spent hours online (this is how Yoga Geeks spend their Saturday nights) researching this and I’m happy to hook you up with recommendations. 

* Small disclaimer: At the time of writing this all of these lines were made locally but things can change, so it’s always a good idea to double check for yourself before clicking “add to cart.”

I’m the most familiar with the Made in Canada lines because I’m Canuck. I buy local first so I’ll start with those:

Made in Canada—Organic and Sustainable Fabrics

Love Light Yogadesigned and made in Vancouver.

Salts Organic-made on Salts Spring Island, BC. Although not completely a “Yoga Line” the leggings and hoodies rock.

Squeezed Yoga ClothingYoga clothing made in Ontario.

Yogo-made and designed in Canada by Jo-Ann Oosterman.

Abacamade in Quebec.

Respecterre—made in Quebec.

Zen Nomadyoga apparel designed by Sonja den Elzen.

Seed Yogalet’s hear it for the boys, eco men’s yoga line.

Made in the USA–Organic and Sustainable Fabrics

Beckons Yoga Clothing

Bhakti Waremade out of organic and sustainable fabrics. Made in the USA.

Inner Wavesorganic and made in the USA.

Float Designseco-conscious Yoga apparel made in the USA.

4-thsustainable Yoga clothing made in the USA.

LVR FashionOrganic and made in USA.

Anjali Clothingsustainable Yoga clothing made in the USA.

Sweet skinsOrganic and made in USA.

There are lots of Ethical and Sustainable Yoga Threads made right in our back yard.

So what do you say Yogi’s—are you ready to break up with Lulu?

Wanna vote with your dollar for a greener world and have some kick a** threads? If you’re with me say, “I” in the comments below and let the locally made revolution begin!


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Author: Nyk Danu

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: Danielle Hoogenboom 

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