January 17, 2015

Yoga for Joy.

When it all comes down to it, we are all looking for the same thing: love.

And what does love feel like?

It is a warm and fuzzy feeling we feel right in our core, in our heart and soul and all we want to do is dance and sing. Joy stems from love, coming with similar symptoms.

Here is a yoga routine to help attain instant joy.

Bridge Pose: is a simple inversion, which helps the blood flow to the head to give an instant mood lift. We’ll begin laying on our backs with our feet planted firmly on the floor. Lift the hips and roll the shoulders under the back. We’ll lace our fingers together and breathe deeply.

Reverse Table Pose: From Bridge Pose, lower the hips back down and plant the palms down underneath the shoulders. Lift the hips, making a line from the hips to the shoulders. Let the head hang gentle, looking up to the ceiling.

Camel Pose: From Reverse Table Pose, walk the hands forward until the knees touch the floor. Then, arch the back until the fingers touch the ankles. Let the head hang back, opening the chest and heart.

Tree Pose: Come to stand and bring the right knee into the chest for a squeeze. Then, press the right foot into the left upper thigh. It is also nice to tap the toes down if balance is off today. Every day is different. This pose is great for bringing focus back into the moment, bringing the joy and happiness we’re feeling into the now.

Dancer Pose: From Tree Pose, bring the knee back in for another squeeze. Then drop the knee and grasp the toes behind you. Then lengthen out, pressing the foot into the palm.

Eagle Pose: Bring the knee in for another squeeze and then wrap the right leg around the left and wind the right arm under the left. Sink down into the hips as much as we lift through the fingers and top of the head.

Standing Split: Unwrap out of Eagle Pose and dive down. Touch your fingers down to the floor and lift the right leg up. Let the head and neck relax and hang heavy, letting the blood rush into your head.

Relax in every pose. Smile with every breath.


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Author: Stacy Porter

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of the author, Vera Columbo

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