February 11, 2015

John Cleese on Very (Very) Stupid People. {1-Minute Video}

John Cleese on Stupidity

I was terribly upset and frustrated once.

My job, or rather some of the people I was working with, were driving me insane.

A couple of months before I quit the job, I wrote a personal blog, to blow off some steam. Here’s a quote.

 “I cannot stand people who thrive on their status, their title and the authority they derive from their salary slip but who, in reality, are incapable, unreliable, useless or plain stupid. Ignorance is something I can work with, as long as the person is willing to learn and takes responsibility for his lack of knowledge or skills. But by my definition, incompetence is worse than ignorance, it’s more than just a lack of skills. It’s a lack of common sense, it’s a lack of clear judgement, it’s a lack of self-knowledge, it’s a lack of willingness to self-reflect and to admit you are failing at your job. Incompetent people hide their inexperience instead of opening up and learning from others. Incompetent people focus on the mistakes others make only to distract you from their own blunders.”

~ Yaisa Nio, March 2012

Can you see the steam coming out of my ears? Can you hear my teeth grinding?

If only I would have had John Cleese’s sense of humour. I probably still would have quit, but at least I would have laughed about it.

Watch: the Benefits of Laughter Yoga, with Silliness Expert John Cleese of Monty Python.


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