March 31, 2015

Play with Me.

Pirjo-Leena Bauer

“Life must be lived as Play.” ~ Plato

Make me forget that I am an adult.

I don’t care if I have work in the morning, and children are in bed. Make me laugh so hard my belly hurts; chase me around the house until I can’t breathe anymore, or least until I pretend that I can’t, as I collapse in excitement on the bed waiting for you.

Just make me laugh.  

I may have smile lines around my eyes, and bills due in the morning, but that doesn’t mean I have lost the desire to play. My heart is young, and it seems with each year that ticks by on the calendar my soul only grows a bit younger.

I don’t have time for what adults should look or act like; I’m far too busy trying to see how high I can swing, and if I really can touch the sky.

Just make me smile.

Let’s have a water balloon fight outside as the full moon glows overhead, until we fall gasping in bouts of laughter, wet and muddy on the grassy lawn, cheeks flushed and eyes flashing, and make love right there, dirty and all.

When you come home and there’s a treasure map, I hope you follow it to find me at the end.

Don’t look at me and see responsibility, and maturity, career goals and a to-do list—Look at me like the girl you wanted to chase around the playground as a child, the one who you tried to throw mud at and showed worms to in an attempt to gross her out.

Just tease me.

I hope you never tire of thumb wars, and don’t mind that I will bend your hand backwards and climb on top of you in order to win.

I will always challenge you to a staring contest, but I can’t help it if the ending result is always us naked.

I hope you’ll take my hand and play hide and seek with me while the setting sun plays with us on a sultry summer evening.

I hope you don’t mind that even when we are naked and twisting in the sheets, I may still find a way to make you laugh, because the only way sex with you could get better is to feel you laugh while you’re inside of me.

Just let me dream.

Let’s not ever get too old to be silly, or to play monopoly in our pajamas on a rainy day.

I hope you’ll still chase me down the beach, or suddenly break out an “on your mark, get set, go!” as we are out walking in the dappled sunlight of towering pines.

No matter how old we get, or how many wrinkles mark our faces. I’ll keep you young.

Just let me stay free.

My soul craves laughter, spontaneity, the freedom of the wind blowing through my hair as I am racing along the rushing river, not because I am jogging for exercise, but because I am running to chase down time.

I hope when the children are grown and have left home to venture out into this big, amazing world, that we’ll build a treehouse, and have dinner there. I’ll have you laughing so hard your eyes are watering, right before you grab me and kiss me and we fall to the floor together. Even if it’s the hundredth time it happens, it will still feel like the first.

Let’s eat chocolate cake naked in bed for breakfast, and sip a perfectly aged Malbec while we roast marshmallows around the fire for dinner.

I hope we never get too old to call out of work and play hooky, to get in the car and go wherever the wind takes us.

Let me blindfold you and lead you outside under the stars so you feel the grass wet with dew on your feet, the smell of honeysuckle drifting in the air, and my lips and fingers tracing the constellations onto your skin.

Let me show you what this life is like when you don’t take any moment for granted.

Let us always be up for another adventure.

So, please, just play with me. Pretty please? With sugar on top?

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Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Renee Jahnke/Travis May

Image: Pirjo-Leena Bauer

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