March 22, 2015

What she Wants in Bed: 5 Tips for the Artful Lover. {Adult Nudity}


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It has occurred to me that we are still somewhat shy to ask for what our pussies need.

In speaking to my circle of sisters, I’ve understood that we crave a lover who will appreciate the journey to that most delightful place.

After all, while men need visual stimulation, women often cite the emotional journey, words and seduction as the way to best stimulate their pussy. We might not have the luxury that Cleopatra once enjoyed of personal assistants (okay, they were eunuchs) who massaged, pampered and titillated her for hours before she allowed herself to be brought to orgasm, but we can certainly lead our lovers to experience our most tender bits with greater appreciation.

This piece, in particular, speaks of love between a woman and a man, but it can easily apply to a female lover. Or, even as a reminder to ourselves of how to speak up for our pussy. She is, after all, a sacred part of who we are. As much as our minds and personalities attract a partner, and sex is not always on our agenda, why not make it good when a lover comes calling?

Dear Lover,

May I share something with you?

We’ve had many adventures, you and I. You have shown your affection in countless ways. You have torn me open with your manners and your words. Everything about you screams ‘”hot, virile man!”

You are beautiful to my eyes, and my mouth waters every time you lean in to kiss me. Your smile leaves me breathless, and I know that you are aware of how much I want you.

But there are things I need you to know, before I give you the thing that you have asked for with fevered whispers in my ear. There is no question that I will open to your requests, I can hardly resist you shirtless and muscled in those expensively tailored slacks, your belt already unhooked, your whiskey in your hand.

Still, while I ache to experience what you know of women and sex, my pussy needs a gentleman’s touch; a refined approach that will seal you to my desire. Perhaps you will laugh and humor me, knowing full well that you need no instruction, but this is a game I wish to play; you the willing student to my lesson in well-crafted love.

Feed Her Words:

My pussy needs to hear your voice.

Call me early in the day; tell me things that will wake her to your need. I want to anticipate your love. Remind me that I am yours, that what I have is what you will take; that there will be no barriers between us.

Tell me shameless things. I want the dirty and the soft.

And when your lips are close, when she can feel your breath inches away, speak to me about what you see. Tell me that she’s pretty, that she looks as if she will taste like peaches and honey; that your tongue is hungry for a taste.

But do not taste her yet.

Tell me that you will fill her with every inch of every stroke of your very f*cking handsome cock.

She wants to know. She needs the words to make her drip agreement to your suddenly un-gentlemanly plans.

Don’t assume that she will want the same words every day. Some days are for gentle love and some days are for whips and restraints.

Undress Her:

Undress me with your eyes long before you touch me. Show me with your sinful stare that you can see me underneath my clothes. ,She likes to know that although you are dying to slip the lace from her contours, you will be unbuttoning my shirt first and releasing my breasts to stand free before you.

She will tighten with anticipation, and gather wet while you take your time, turning me around, lifting my skirt, growling with pleasure as your hands graze over my *ss…so close…so much to look forward to.

She knows that your fingers are dreaming of lingering closer, to slip themselves towards her heat. But you won’t, because you know that she’s not quite ready yet.

Don’t listen to her if she says ‘”touch me.” She lies when you’re near.

Just sit me down and lift my skirt to my waist. Ask me to spread my legs. No, tell me.

I want you to be in command. I want to have to say yes. I want you to know what you want. I want you to use your hands to push my legs open, and I want you to slip my undies from my hips.

Leave them at my knees and ask me if you may continue? Then drag them off with your teeth.

Keep your eyes on mine, keep me focused on your exquisite hunger. Make me blush while you expose her. She is shy but she also wants to shock you with how wicked she can be.

Look At How She Is Lovely and Unique:

See how she is like unlike any other?

If she’s willing, take your time exploring with your eyes. She might need words of encouragement, to hear you say how you appreciate every unique fold and her delicate design.

If I’m in the mood, I might ask you to open her fully; I might ask you to use your fingers. You might be surprised by the things I ask you to look at.

More than anything; make me feel safe to show you what makes my pussy the delicacy you can indulge in at the end of your day. 

Sit me at the edge of the bed, get on your knees. Tell me what you see and what it makes you feel. I might cover my eyes and hear you laugh because you’re amused by my mixed up words—I want to show you but I also want to hide.

Check in with me now and again. If I’ve changed my mind, I need to be able to say so honestly. Your sweetness wins me over to your rough side.

Trace A Path To Her With Your Lips:

She likes to know that before you get to undress her, you will have devoured my mouth first.

You will have exposed my nipples to your lips and let your practiced tongue explore the map of my body. You will have teased along my inner thigh and bitten in that delightful crevice between pussy lips and the soft of my leg.

Linger there.

Kiss down my belly towards her and feel me squirm beneath your breath. I might push you away when you get close to her, close my thighs, moan and tug your hair, asking you both to stop and go on. There may be times when she wants your mouth right there, ready for your tongue.

But more often than not, she wants to be discovered like the treasure that she is.

Listen to me, and I will guide you to her. She is awake now, fully alert to your need and lifting towards you. You have learned your lesson well; and there is nothing I want more in this moment than to let you take her with tongue or fingers or cock.

Turn me over, and kiss my back. Give me this one last tease while I lift my *ss towards you as a signal of my consent.

Listen to the sounds that leave my lips. They are for your pleasure, to urge you on. If I’m beating my fists on the bed, I’m no longer in control. Take me where you promised. Give me what I want.

Give Her What She Asks For:

There are lovers who get you the moment they find you. You’re in sync from day one.

They understand your pretty thing as if they’ve been loving it for years. If this is not your scenario, then time and practice is a pleasurable pastime.

What’s more fun than enjoying the discovery of a delicious pussy? Aside from the obvious—a delicious cock?

Ask me what my pussy needs.

Show me what you know, try your magic and stay open to new techniques. Don’t assume that my pussy will respond to the same kind of love you’ve been practicing with someone else. Lovers make the best music when they’ve taken the time to tune in to each other.

If I’m not too verbal, ask me questions, tell me what you’d like to do and see if I respond.

Every day brings a new opportunity to love her without boundaries.

Mind blowing sex begins with communication and not always verbal.

Sometimes a devilish smile and the simple gesture of your tie being removed can send a signal so strong that I’ll be ready at your feet.

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Author: Monika Carless

Editor: Asheigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of the author, media library

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