April 28, 2015

3 Simple Steps to Get Unstuck Through the Chakras


For me, chakras are not some airy fairy new age concept.

They aren’t just cute images to out on wall hangings and hoodies.

No, for me chakras are the most real, practical thing I know. By exploring our own chakras, we can get a quick understanding of where we are blocked and stuck in our lives. And by healing through the chakras we can attain the life we want much faster then just powering through the transformational process with our will alone.

But communicating about the chakras isn’t easy.

We can’t see them, we can’t know they are there for sure and unfortunately for most people, it’s hard to put their trust and faith in things they can’t see. Through my energy healing work with people all over the world I am learning so much about the chakras and I am dying to share this knowledge with you—if there is a chance to make anyone’s healing more efficient, that is what I want to do.

Here is what I am learning about the chakras.

The chakras are spinning energy forces that keep the life force energy moving. But the chakras can get blocked, and this slows them down.

Ever have that feeling that you are being slowed down? That you just can’t quite get the energy and momentum moving for what you want to do in life?

Of course you have, we all get that feeling.

But we also know the opposite of that slowed down, stuck feeling.

This is the feeling where everything is just falling into place effortlessly. This is what it feels like when there is optimal flow in the chakras. No struggle. Pure ease.

Well, what blocks the chakras are pain and trauma.

And we all have our fair share of that.

And it doesn’t matter how bad the pain and trauma are compared to other people’s pain and trauma. If there are events in our lives that we perceived to be painful or traumatic when they happened, they become like little rocks in the cogs of the spinning chakra, slowing it down.

So, because the pain and trauma are not part of the chakra functioning we can use this to our advantage and use self-awareness, intention and visualization to bring healing to our lives through the chakra.

It just takes a little time to change our mindset about what it means to have pain and trauma in our lives and a little bit of experience noticing the chakras and getting a sense of them.

1. Read about the seven major chakras. Keep the mind soft. Just let whatever resonates flow into your consciousness without grasping. What memories, thoughts or self-reflections come up as you learn about the areas that the seven major chakras govern?

2. If it seems obvious that there is a block in one specific chakra, send it love and intention. An optional affirmation for setting a healing intention in the chakras is, “May whatever no longer serves me in this chakra be healed.”

3. Get professional help. I know it sounds weird but a little energy healing goes a long way. We don’t think it’s strange to get our teeth cleaned twice a year. Well, our energy field and chakras have a much more profound impact on our health and well-being then our dental hygeine does and we almost never get support for them.

Ask around.

Someone you know is definitely working with a talented energy healer. They might go by the title Reiki, Cranio-Sacral, Osteopathy, Thai Massage or Healing Touch to just name a few, but  the modality isn’t as important as the person. And in energy healing a little can go a long way so it doesn’t need to be a big cash output. I am just suggesting a little energtic healing and loving to help to get those chakras flowing.

Learning about a subject that is new to us can be awkward at first. We don’t know where to start and we don’t know the impact it will have on our life.

But if we set the intention for health and well-being and disengage from the fear and worry stories the mind likes to play then everything we explore will be going in the right direction. Why not try exploring the chakras and see if it helps?


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Author: Ruth Lera

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: bzylman/Deviantart

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