April 7, 2015

Deep Breaths. {Poem}


If I were a story
and you, my reader
I don’t have to be your happily ever after.

I can be your meanwhile

I can be your perhaps

I can be a comma, a dash, a space in between paragraphs

I don’t have to be an ending, not even a period

I can be a fragment
I can be your lesson learned.

I can be your 4 a.m. coffee,
the night sky on a cold, early dawn

I can be ink on your paper
whenever you feel the urge to write anything.

I can be a late-night tryst with vodka and saltwater tears

you can read off sonnets and phrases from the lines on my skin
and drink deep from the creases on my lips.

I can become your dream,
leaving once the sun’s first rays touch your fingers.

I will not ask you to choose me, nor will I promise that I will eventually want you more than I do now.

Let us be each other’s deep breaths. Let us be each other’s secret. Put ourselves in a box of interlocked arms, sheets and legs,

And tell no one.


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Author: Julianne Marie Leybag

Editor: Travis May

Image: Prayoga D. Widyanto/Flickr~


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Read 2 comments and reply

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