For my Sensitive Soul Sisters: It’s Our Time to Shine.

Via Sarah Harvey
on Apr 4, 2015
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We are bright, shimmering beacons of light, but we turn away from our glittering brilliance, instead lingering silently in shrouded shadows.

We soak up a thousand emotional impressions in the span of seven seconds, so easily losing track of our own hearts, our own minds, our own pain and our own needs.

We are tailor-made to soothe panicked heartbeats and bestow smiles on suffering souls, but we lose sight of the juicy joy in curling our own lips upward into a gutsy, no-holds-barred grin.

We are born to breathe in the world’s pounding panic and bursting joy and bitter hatred and luscious love, but we forget the fierce dragon-like freedom in exhaling the at-times exhausting struggle of sensing so much.

We have waterfall hearts.

They flow and flow, spilling over into stormy streams, cascading into choppy currents of raw emotion.

We fear suffocating from the sheer force of those foamy, fast-moving waters, occasionally coughing up seaweed, sometimes choking on scratchy grains of sand.

But, sisters, we are born to feel it all.

We are born to swim in salty seas of tears, dive into dark oceans of despair, and soar to snow capped peaks of euphoria.

We are born to feel intensely and completely and shockingly deeply.

We just have to remember who we are.

Because sisters, our sensitivity doesn’t make us weak.

It never did.

And it never will.

Our hearts are incredibly courageous, containing insurmountable strength in their plush petals of softness.

Today is the day our succulently sensitive souls will tap us on the shoulder and say:

“I love you. Please don’t hide anymore.”

Because right now, in this very instant, in this one-of-a-kind moment, it’s the perfect time to bloom, to explode, to unfurl, to fly and to soar.

To shine.

Yes, sisters, it’s our time to shine.

Let’s crank our inner light switches to full force, enabling our sparkly souls to sunbathe in their own infinite radiance for days and days on end.

Let’s declare the badass beauty of our sensitivity from mountaintop meadows, forest fields, city sidewalks and crashing turquoise waves.

Let’s shout at the top of our f*cking lungs, forcing our fear and doubt and shame to escape through ferocious, wildly cathartic roars.

Let’s draw one another into our lives, because sisters, we need each other, now, more than ever.

It’s our time to shine.

It’s time to water the thorns in our trembling hearts, transforming those prickly, painful little buggers into beautiful buds of blooming possibility.

It’s time to pick up those punishing seeds of self-denial and let them slip right through our soft fingertips while a warm breeze blows them far, far away.

It’s time to care for ourselves outrageously tenderly, spritzing our starving souls with soothing chamomile kisses and luscious lilac love.

It’s time to root down into our silky hearts so fiercely that no amount of pain or shock or sadness or fear will shake that steady foundation.

It’s time to own the electrifying pulsation of our undeniable power.

Sisters, it’s time to burst open our sensitive hearts more than ever because the world needs our softness.

We need our softness.

Sisters, it’s time.

It’s our time to shine.



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Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Renee Jahnke

Photo: FlickrOlga Ferrer Saladié



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About Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey is a dancer, life coach, poet, and lover of life. She is passionate about self-love and following the spark of bliss that blooms from our souls. She believes that we all have something extraordinary to offer to the world. She believes that we are most potent when we listen to the whispers of truth that find us in the most unexpected moments. Follow Sarah on Facebook and her website!


16 Responses to “For my Sensitive Soul Sisters: It’s Our Time to Shine.”

  1. Zoe says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. I needed this! Thank you Sarah xxx

  2. Lacie says:

    I can't express my thankfulness for this beautiful, heartfelt call to action, unity and love! I too am on this journey of becoming rooted in myself and embracing my sensitivity instead of hiding it all inside. My tribe of women is enveloping me and allowing me to shower them with my light as well. Take strength knowing that you're making a difference and that you are not alone

  3. Jacinta says:

    I Love this. Thank you xxx

  4. KME says:

    More synchronicity in my life 😉 Thank you 🙂

  5. Yolanda says:

    Love this – and needed to hear it!

  6. sharon says:

    This is very beautifully written. Thank you so much. It was amazing how this came to me at the most perfect time that I needed this. I the know the angels are looking down on me.

  7. cheri says:

    So beautifully written, right up my alley my soul sister!

  8. Douglas Eby says:

    Alanis Morissette comments on being highly sensitive and paying attention to self-care: “I get maxed-out more quickly than some, so it’s my responsibility that I schedule little mini-breaks throughout the day, and have enough sleep. It’s almost incumbent on me to make sure that I take care, in a very fierce way, in order to be able to continue to write and to be the person I want to be.” – From post: Cheryl Richardson and Alanis Morissette on High Sensitivity

  9. Sarah says:

    This is how I feel inside, but wasn’t allowed to express it as a child. My significant others still tell me I am ‘too sensitive’ like it is a fault.

  10. magentasmusings says:

    Now I am not sure if you got my last comment! I feel like this inside, but it was drummed out of me as a child. Now when I try and express my true self my significant others tell me to stop being so sensitive!

  11. This is fantastic. So beautifully written! It is all for the taking (and giving). Love it. Love you just as you are.


  12. stephanierecla says:

    Thank you, sister, thank you.

  13. Adelina says:

    Sarah, your words are a blessing 🙂 A warm, heartfelt thank you!

  14. Naomi says:

    Dear Sarah,

    Thank you so much for writing this beautiful piece. It made me think. Think about how we feel forced to hide our sensitivity out of necessity to not be broken by others. Others who hurt us and make use of our kind-hearted nature. Thank you for showing me that I don’t have to hide. I am allowed to be sensitive, gullible, warm and enthusiastic, and it isn’t a bad thing.

    I felt alone, but since I have been reading elephant journal, slowly I start to feel a little bit less alone, as I have been discovering like minded individuals. There are so many others who feel the same, perceive the same, and are in a continuous search for the meaning of life. How to ride the wave as they say.

    I don’t want to suppress who I am anymore. It used to scare me, the intensity of which I felt everything and everyone’s emotions. Perhaps it is indeed a gift.

    Love N

  15. Lucy says:

    Love this! Perfectly put and perfectly timed. Really needed this today. Thank you! L

  16. Anthea says:

    “We have waterfall hearts.” Oh my god. That line is just too beautiful for words, and it made a part of me lurch with recognition of its utter truth for me. Wow. Stunning piece. Thank you, thank you, thank you.