April 27, 2015

Knowing. {Poem}



My heart knows your heart
And I’ve been cracked so wide open
I’ll never be able to get my bearings again
I’m falling so deeply into the abyss
that I’m lost,
drowning in sensation and your skin

All that’s left
is the infinite expanse I sense
when I look in your eyes
The nebulous void
that contains everything
and nothing

I’ve lost myself and my internal compass
as my heart veers,
wildly seeking you
and a taste of the stars I feel
when I touch your skin

I hold your face
and look into your eyes
time collapses
because my heart knows yours
and has for what must be forever

We breathe in unison

I taste your skin
I taste your come
I swallow your soul
the longing doesn’t end

It gets bigger than me
bigger than life and
permeates my every cell, molecule, and breath

My heart expands so much
with such an ache and
it bursts so wide open
that I feel like I’m part of everything
and nothing all at once

My heart knows yours
And I love you.


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Author: Jennifer Lyons

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Flickr

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