April 27, 2015

Scorpio Full Moon: Tuning into a Light in the Dark.

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Full Moons always bring a hint of mystery and captivating energy to the scene.

They illuminate the dark and help us gain awareness in places we weren’t necessarily looking. Similar to tuning in a radio that’s fuzzy, Full Moons have a tendency to help us tune into certain aspects of our lives and gain clarity. They can reveal mysteries that have been lurking and help us hear and see things more clearly.

May’s Full Moon takes place on May 3rd, 2015 and falls in the dark and mysterious sign of Scorpio. It gives each of us the opportunity to tune in, shine a light and gain some new insight.

Given that the Sun and Moon oppose each other at the time of a Full Moon, there is always a pull between the energy of two signs. Taurus (the sign the Sun is in) and Scorpio (the sign the Moon is in) are polar opposite and each influence will come into play.

Scorpio is the sexy, controlling, mysterious and possessive sign that’s always thinking about what’s beneath the surface. She loves a challenge, dives deep and is driven to get to the bottom of things. Her energy doesn’t fear the dark. She will always press on to see what truths can be revealed and how much control she can gain.

“Never die wondering” is her motto.

Her energy is a battle ground of emotion because of all the twists and turns she takes us through.

This side of the equation will be pushing us to tune in and help find what we need to get ahead and gain control. We’re all working towards something—looking for our next accomplishment and looking to get somewhere. Scorpio loves power and can do whatever it needs to in order to get it. If you know what it is you’re seeking to be more in control, this Full Moon will help you see it more.

If you don’t, then some insight is in store.

Taurus on the other hand doesn’t like to rock the boat and feels her best when she’s surrounded by light and beautiful things. Beauty always catches her eye and makes her turn. You’ll always see her gravitate towards something pleasing to the eye or senses. She could care less about gaining control or power because she has better things to do with her time. Feeling grounded, having stability and being surrounded by peaceful serenity are what she’s about.

She wants what she wants and doesn’t like compromise.

This side of the equation is going to be pushing us to see what we really want and crave to feel comforted. Sure we all have goals and things we want to do—but we also like the ease of knowing our surroundings and not being pushed too hard. This Full Moon could begin to help you see what you’re actually willing to do to get something.

Scorpio whispers, “Come with me and see what’s over here…in one ear, while Taurus whispers “Don’t bother…stay here where it’s peaceful, calm and safe…” in the other.

Where is it that you really want to gain some ground? What does it take to make you feel comforted and safe? Sometimes the answers to these questions are lurking beneath the surface in our unconscious and we have no idea how to answer. The beauty of this Full Moon is that the potential will be there for you to tap into your unconscious and see things you didn’t realize you wanted. It’s time to shine a light on whatever is dark.

There will be a lot of other planetary influences pushing us to get the answers we need. A driving combination between the Sun, Jupiter and the Moon will be ramping up energy big time. If you’re looking for a driving force to get you motivated to do something—this is it. Major things can be accomplished and you might even surprise yourself with the burst of energy you feel as a result.

However, there’s a dark side to this influence to be aware of and Scorpio wouldn’t have it any other way. The potential to take on way too much or go overboard will be calling if you’re not careful. It’s also important to be aware of other’s viewpoints and try to be as open minded as possible.

There’s a hint of stubborn influence in the air given the heavy Taurus pull.

Mercury, Saturn and Neptune will also make a big reveal. Intuition and the ability to empathize will be high as a result. These planetary influences will heighten emotional power and help us to see other sides of the story. Issues from the past might make a new showing and important events long gone could crop up again. There’s a real opportunity here to confront things hidden in our unconscious and find ways to heal wounds from the past.

While the answers you get may not be the ones you seek, there are benefits to be gained. Both the Sun and Pluto will be working nicely together helping to give us confidence and see our way through the shadows. The Moon, Neptune and Chiron will also be pushing us to process new revelations and bring a healing component into our psyches.

However it plays out for you, there’s a mystery that’s been in the making and new information about it could come into your awareness. It’s time to shine a light in whatever has been dark and discover some truths that were now meant to be seen and heard. Everything reveals itself when it’s supposed to.

Tune in and see what this Full Moon reveals to you.

For additional personal insight, here are the themes associated with the Scorpio Full Moon for each Zodiac sign. If you know your Rising Sign—read for that one first.

Aries: A light shines on the area of joint resource or things you own with someone else. Investments, transformation, endings and inheritance are also themes playing a big part of this Full Moon. Intimacy and sex are other themes that could come under scrutiny.

Taurus: The area of close and personal relationships or business partners gets some exposure in your life. Business agreements or important contracts could be finalized or come to completion.  Issues with close relationships could come to the table and truths could be revealed in how everyone really feels.

Gemini: Work, daily routines/productivity, pets, co-workers and health are all themes that get some exposure during the peak of this Full Moon. You might decide to push out of your comfort zone and make some personal changes for the better. A new revelation regarding a work or home project could come out or you come to the point where you complete it.

Cancer: A light shines in on your area of creativity, speculation, children and romance at the peak of this Full Moon. Some new info about one of these themes could be revealed. A long standing issue with a child—particularly your oldest—could finally come to a close and resolve itself.

Romantic affairs also play a part in this Full Moon influence.

Leo:  Home and family are the areas where this Full Moon shines a light. A tug between your wants in your career and your needs at home could come into play. A prominent parent or real estate matter could also call your attention.

Virgo:  Siblings, relatives, study, travel, technology and communications are the areas getting some exposure with this Full Moon. You could find out more about your ability to connect with others. Car or transportation issues could surface. Education or a learning endeavor might also play part in what you’re looking to find more info about.

Libra: Money, possessions and things that you value come into full focus with this Full Moon.  Your awareness becomes very high in something involving money, finances or a close and personal possession. People that you possess or hold dear in your heart are also part of this realm. Important decisions regarding money could finalize and you might find yourself battling over how much I want vs. how much I can afford.

Scorpio: The light coming in with this Full Moon shines on YOU and perhaps your appearance.  You might tap into your subconscious and make some new discoveries about yourself. It’s also possible that you gain new awareness on a particular relationship and how it affects you. This could also be a turning point in a newly formed relationship.

Sagittarius:  The area of service to others and mysteries gets lit up with this Full Moon influence. You may get some sudden subconscious breakthroughs about yourself and perhaps your past. This Full Moon could serve as a cleansing and dust the cobwebs out of your psyche.

Capricorn: Friends, acquaintances and groups you belong to comes get your attention with this Full Moon energy. Maybe an old friend resurfaces or some kind of truth about a friend or group you belong to comes out. On deeper subconscious plane, your hopes and dreams or a mystery involving something you’ve been wanting for a while also has the potential reveal itself.

Aquarius:  Your career and place in the public eye gets a shining light. Something new could be revealed to you involving your career or a new revelation involving your reputation comes into full focus. It’s also possible that new information about a parent comes out. A new shift in your life direction is possible.

Pisces: Themes including foreigners, long distance travel, higher education, publishing, the law, teaching endeavors, your spirituality or beliefs, grand-children and in-laws all have the potential to come into focus. Plans for a long distance trip could be finalized or a situation comes about with a sibling, cousin, aunt, uncle or neighbor. Something involving your communication style may reveal itself.






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