May 12, 2015

6 a.m. {Poem}

six am

Six a.m. is the time for magic

for the sun to rise
when I’m alone
and can let the rays sink their teeth in
to bare breasted chest
and toes refusing to wear shoes

Six a.m. is when the dogs are most happy to be woken with love
sleepy wags and soft eyes
White paws and sleepy kisses
and I’m so glad you’re here

Six a.m. is time for joy
when the orange light
of the coffee pot
jumps on

Six a.m. is the time when the butterflies emerge
Tasting the air differently then they know it
taking their first flight
with purple moonlight in their wings
they’re already off to fall in love
silly sweet things

Six a.m. is the time for writing poetry
the day is dewy
their is no murk to get in the way
of raw romanticism

Six a.m. is the time to drink salt water
let the ocean be my coffee
floating past the chaos of the break

Six a.m. is the time for lovers
with the smell of morning upon their skin
it’s the time to trace fingers too gently
and kiss the cold of the night away


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Author: Janne Robinson

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Image: courtesy of the author

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