May 12, 2015

Love in the Moment.

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Sometimes life really does come down to one singular moment.

After all this time, the songs of words said, and the melody of your lips against my skin, it all comes down to this.

This moment of everything has tumbled down upon us like waves after a summer storm upon the shore.

I know we never intended to be here, not that I would really want to be anywhere else.

But I never expected this, and quite honestly along the way broken, bruised and skeptical—I never expected you.

It’s been a 1,001 steps away from you, and although everything and yet nothing has changed, all it takes is that one conscious step towards each other to undo all that has been etched into the hardened ground between the distance of you and I.

Raw and undone, the taste of my softly hidden tears leaving salty stains upon your lips.

Blind faith and trust that at times has been hard to swallow and even harder to accept. I know that no one ever said it was going to be easy but maybe that’s precisely why it feels so worth it.

It’s your fingers tangled into the childhood memories of my hair, casting shadows amongst the memories we’ve tried to forget, but were never able to.

It’s knowing the eloquent topography of each other’s bodies, and wanting to blaze new trails deep into the wilderness of each other’s hearts.

A wilderness that at times has terrified and confused others that have tried to conquer it, yet for us seems like the most natural thing in the world.

We have no need to conquer the sweet wild of each other’s fiery breath and admonishment of life, but instead wish to cultivate it.

It’s racing hearts that pound against our ribcage and give away our deepest desires. It’s our breath catching inside our throats that make it hard to speak any words that aren’t hung in the indigo light of truth.

It’s kisses tasting of fresh clover and hope along the rough line of your jaw bone, and hands that will finally grasp mine—and never let go.

It’s skin that smells like midnight’s Tanqueray Rangpur and mouths that tingle and excite like tonic and limes.

There may be endless moments that exist in between the spaces of where you end and where I may begin, or there may be just this one.

Even with all of this amazement of life, racing pulses and deepening eyes—I know there are no guarantees.

But, I wouldn’t want them anyway. I don’t want to be guaranteed safety, of a life less ordinary.

We crave the extraordinary—bittersweet sunsets made of ripe and dripping tangerines leaving trails of wanting down our bodies and lighting up the coming night.

It’s in this moment I find myself.

Hands twisted into lotus, reminding myself that even through chaos and grit, the most beautiful blossoms can still turn their faces towards the rising sun and bloom in radiance.

It’s in this moment of bated breath and quiet anticipation that I wait. As I seem to have been doing before I was even aware that I was, though it’s not a waiting that is admirable, or even heart wrenching, but it’s simply the way of the universe. I don’t remember even having a choice in the matter.

I only ask, are you ready to join me?

Will you join me in loving in the moment with no need of promises for tomorrow, but instead letting our bodies and hands exploring and touching, say all that needs to be said?

A homespun quilt of silk and hope created from the cerulean blues of my eyes, stitched together with faith and trust, and of course just a little bit of lust, is all the security I crave.

But here in the now, with all that has happened being nothing more than the dust on a back road drifting into the mottled sunlight. The dreams of the stars falling silently around us, and my hand pressed against your chest as much to sooth your racing heart as to anchor my fears.

I ask—will you meet me here in this moment?



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Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Luca Vanzella at Flickr 

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