May 20, 2015

Now I Know. {Poem}

truth silence lies speech

I thought I knew you

And loved you

But I was wrong


Now I know

What a fool I’ve been

And what you really are


When you rejected me

I was bereft

Now I feel blessed


Now I know

Everything makes sense

And it really helps


I am blessed

To have moved on

And no longer miss you


Now I know

About all the lies and betrayal

It feels like we were just a lie


And I am blessed

To be cured of your enchantment

For it was not real


I no longer think, “If only…”

In fact, I rarely think of you at all


I am blessed

For I no longer desire you

The truth has truly set me free


Now I know

And I’ve let go.





The Betrayal. {Poem}


Author: Hilda Carroll

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Flickr/Adriane Dizon

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