May 5, 2015

Stay free Wild Eyes.

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Don’t ever let them tame you, Wild Eyes.

Midnight eyes that burn with the liquid gold of sunsets across the bay, eyes that seem as deep as a ravine and as pure as Lilly of the Valley midsummers blooms. It’s your eyes that can light up the room and create sparks in the blackness of a summer night.

Promise me, you’ll never let them extinguish your beautiful fire.

“She’s a mess a gorgeous chaos, and you can see it in her eyes” ~ Author Unknown

Your eyes are the window to your soul, and baby-what a complex soul it is. It’s magic the way your eyes seem to burn into mine and how they say things I only wish your soft lips could whisper.

They are a morning thunderstorm rattling the space of my dreams and afternoon rainbows that lull me into a restful sleep.

Those wild eyes are as green as the Laevis Bells of Ireland, ringing clear and pure in my heart. They are the eyes that seek me from across a snowy field in January, begging to make snow angels in the frosty cold.

The eyes that seem to speak the truth louder that any words ever could, and that silence fears I didn’t even know I had.

Whether they are blue with sweet compassion or green with fiery desire, they are the only eyes I see.

You have spent far too much time in this life walking the line darling, especially because the only thing you were born to do is stand out. Promise me, Wild Eyes, you won’t spend a minute in the coming decades disappearing as a beautiful wallflower.

You are glorious in your chaos of classy romanticism meets whiskey’s bar room brawl. Don’t ever think any differently.

It’s simply midnight’s secret rendezvous and Sunday morning kisses; a blueberry muffin meets 2:00 a.m. shots of Patron. Don’t fret, because the greatest things will never be understood.

It’s difficult to look at something and know that it will never be tamed.

Yet, that is where the attraction lies. Honesty, purity and a life, that is stitched together with silken thread and memories the color of violet cashmere.

So, woman with a heart of gold, hands of a sinner and the face of an angel—don’t ever give it up.

Don’t surrender to the game.

Don’t believe that your value lies in fitting into a box that someone else wasn’t brave enough to find a way out of. There are a million ways to live this life like everyone else, but only one way to live it for you. Around every corner will be someone trying to clip those serendipitous wings, but know that it’s never for your own good, only for their comfort.

Keep flying, and fly high baby.

You don’t need to know all the answers, only the rhythm and beat of your heart. Trust this amongst all else, Wild Eyes, for your heart will never lie to you.

Keep your soul sweetheart, and all the crazy dreams that you tend there until they can blossom into a secret garden, that will inspire a reality sweeter than you can imagine tasting of hope and summertime dandelion tea.

Keep that voice loud and let it boom out of your magnificent heart. Don’t let just anyone in and know that those who will value you the most are those who don’t bother asking questions of the unanswerable.

There will never be a reason to try to convince them of your value, for those who don’t get the beautiful chaos of you, don’t deserve it. Until then keep your rubies and sapphires close to your heart and let your strong legs dance around the fire, your skirts of ivory linen dancing in the flames of your love.

Feed your inner wild child. Embrace your body just as it is—let it be kissed by the sun and illuminated by the moon, as often as possible. Let your spirit roam wild and open in this life.

Howl at the moon and give thanks for the blessing of the breeze against your bare skin. Take delight in the ride and bloom of your body—strong arms balancing in crow, holding your children close to your heart and the way you dance under the full moon.

Make love to your life, and make love to yourself—often.

Let your eyes breathe the secrets of your heart, and fill each and every soul that crosses your path with love and inspiration. Never try to subdue the waves of rebellion against the army of monotony that creates bitter ripples with those not brave enough to sail in the wildest of seas.

Stay free Wild Eyes—for the greatest things are never meant to be tamed.

“All good things are wild and  free.” ~ Henry David Thoreau


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Author: Donna Friess

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

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