May 20, 2015

The Unveiling of Life.

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The sudden death of my fears came crashing down like a torrent of rain.

Consuming me, and filling me with its greatness, it whispered in my ear, many words that I needed to hear; it said:

This type of fear has no place here.

Go wildly. Go Gently. Go lovingly. Go.

Barefoot girl, with the sun kissed cheeks, and cold fingertips.

Fear only, not living fully.

Fear not being true to yourself.

Fear not living a life that’s full of the passion you crave, that nourishes your soul.

Fear not living in hunger, the hunger of hunters that seek to feed their tribe, the game it finds.

Do not fear failure. Seek it.

Fear sleepwalking, and lies, and an unbroken heart.

For an unbroken heart, is a tame heart.

Fear being tamed, and put in a cage.

There are those that don’t know what broken feels like, there are those that don’t know sacrifice.

Hear them. Listen to their songs.

Let their stories be a reminder in times of uncertainty that the certain life, is most certainly not for you.

Long for love, and long for loss, and long for freedom.

Look for truth, and integrity, and identity.

Feed the underdogs.

Be a beacon of the laborious sacrifice and continuum it takes to raise those babes.

Raise them up.

Raise them up to ponder, question, and consider everything they are told, including this.

Raise them up to love.

Raise them up to justice.

By God, raise them up.

Never mind the minutia-peddlers of the world.

Tireless, assiduous; be that, then rest. But be that. 

Go forth.

Go forward, into the middle of the world, into the heart of the thing, the belly of the beast.

And fear not the beasts of the world, or the caves in which they dwell.

Fear not having the bravery, and empathy that it takes to know them, and love them, and hear them.

Really hear them.

Don’t fear the challenge, but the simplicity and complacency that follows after.

We fear the wrong things, and teach the wrong things.

Teach by leading.

Lead in such a way that you never know you’re doing so.

Until you have the trail of thousands of footprints behind you, and you realize you’re the one guiding you all.

Fear never having tears that stain your Egyptian cotton.

You have to lose to find.

Someone dies, and a baby is born from the womb of a woman.

Kiss the babies, and visit the dead.

Celebrate life, and existence, and pain, and paths that seem to lead nowhere.

Because you are here.

You are a part of this pie.

A rebirth of the universe.

Don’t domesticate the lioness; learn her.

Look into her eyes and connect your oneness and your vulnerability with hers.

Be beside her, don’t guide her.

Be the guts of prey, in the teeth of the tiger.

Have guts.

Have guts, have moxie, and have spine.

But be soft, and be kind.

Feed your heart all the gushy stuff. You must.

Don’t punish, or resent, or hold a grudge, but don’t take any shit.

And let your words be heard.

Love hard, and love wholly.

Be absolute.

Be absolutely big.

Feel your bigness, your authenticity, and your boldness.

And don’t forget this.

Because what’s in a life?

At the end of the day,

At the end of your life.

What will your life have been filled with?

My love; if you must fear,

Fear losing a life that you were afraid to have lived.

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Author: Stephanie Gauthier

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Michael Pampuch



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