May 23, 2015

This letter is the best reason to support Indie Coffee Shops I’ve seen lately.

“What Does Loyalty Mean?

This is quite brilliant. Please take a look.”

“Writing the letter seemed the right thing to do. I wanted to make my fury known.”


In the US, Walmart pays its employees to little they wind up depending on US taxpayers…so we’re subsidizing Walmart and other corporations who pay their executives millions but their employees almost nothing.

Image via: “Mr Pottinger, 51, who works in the music business and is also a poet, wrote to Caffe Nero last week, posting a photograph of the letter on Twitter.”

“Caffe Nero, which has more than 500 UK cafes, made a pre-tax profit of £21.1m in 2013 and paid no corporation tax. Starbucks, Google and Amazon have also faced criticism.”


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