Video: 100 years of Aging a Soon-to-be Married Couple.

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Watch: “Engaged couple in their 20’s, incrementally aged with make up up until age 90 and revealed to each other.”

“What will be the last words you will say to each other?” Wow.

“Aw man, this video needs to come with a big box of tissues. So touching. Great work!”

“It’s a chance for my parents to see what I would look like when they’re gone.” That one hit me.

The less you know before you watch it, the better:

That was amazing. This is one of those videos you watch and, at first, you’re wow’d. By the end, you’re in tears. It’s a keeper. How will you feel about how your loved one looks through their life? More importantly, what will you treasure about your life, with them?

This is all about The Four Buddhist Reminders, really.


Bonus: the Buddha, on how to age Gracefully: Every body gets Old.

And: Beauty Shapes Us All.

 Bonus Round for mindful Long-term Relationships:

Love for a new Generation: you can not complete me.

How to work with money mindfully in a long-term relationship:

The Present Moment, & Sex: keep the flame fresh:

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9 Responses to “Video: 100 years of Aging a Soon-to-be Married Couple.”

  1. djdoctorda says:

    The better part of me thinks this is beautiful and touching. The cynic says they'll be divorced in 7 years.

    • Jennifer says:

      Actually, they've already been together for about a decade and are a beautiful,loving, and completely solid couple. Don't go projecting your own stuff onto people you've never even met.

      • jillyneutron says:

        Wow! Someone pissed into Jennifer's Wheaties. 50% of married couples eventually divorce – therefore that couple has a 50% chance of making it or not. That's just reality, don't take it personally.

  2. Pauline says:

    My husband and I are in our mid to late twenties and we have been married for a month. I too met my husband at 19 and he at 21, 7 years ago. We’ve basically seen each other mature into responsible, determined and loving adults. This video had me in TEARS!! I pictured being in their same position but with my husband instead…so touching!

    Thank you for this video!

  3. rosilov says:

    What a fabulous gift for a couple about to get married. any idea what it would cost? Or who would have the skill? I'd love to know. It's a marketable service, for sure!

  4. blah says:

    These 2 are ACTORS this is all bullshit

  5. J R Saunders says:

    Very nice idea, however I would have liked to see the aging done in 10 years a part. My wife just turned 66 in Jan 2015 and I turned 64 in March 2015. My wife passed away a few days after my birthday in March. We had been married 28 years in Nov 2014………You have no idea, what I would give for just one more week……day…..or a few hours…….

    Thank you, it was still a good idea……

  6. Andrea says:

    Wow! Amazing video! I saw this 3 times and i loved it so much! I think that it's a good idea and it's one of best gift for a couple! Thanks for sharing!

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