May 23, 2015

What to Do When Living Your Dream Seems Impossible.


Do what you love and the money will follow.

Many of us take this axiom to heart, and live it to our fullest ability. And like any relationship, how each person relates to and implements this idea greatly varies. What one person loves may be meaningless to another, and how one person enacts to live their love could be contrary to the approach held by someone else.

Living your dream, following a spiritual path, adhering through tribulation and unveiling new growth curves is an entirely personal path.

When integrating these kind of ideals into our life, a learning curve takes place. At first one may look to others for advice, apply their ideas, try out ones own ideas. Books are read. Concepts investigated, discarded, and revisited.

On the emotional level, there is an exhilaration which happens at first. It is the passion of new love and there is always a depth hidden behind the passion.

Perhaps one faces so many frustrations they wish to quit, and do.

Every artist, entrepreneur and dreamer faces rock bottom while they ask these questions:

Am I doing what I love? Why is the money not following? Is it time to get a “real” job?

The artisan is expressively creative in ways that nurture the soul first, and produce money second. We love what we do, and cannot do or be any other way. When that rock bottom is hit, a crater is formed. What an opportunity to dig in even further, to discover and bring out a deeper truth.

The days where the creative spirit is lacking, hope is lost, and faith diminished are the days that require the most discipline.

What is discipline?

It’s the ability to take the next step, no matter what.

Being devotional—just loving what one does—gives unparalleled strength to do so.

No matter if one has failed once, twice, or a thousand times. No matter if one has never even tried. No matter if we discover that what we are doing isn’t really something we love.

No matter if we are successful. No matter if everything does come together.

The next step is taken to further one’s craft and expression.

Why is this so important?

Underneath the artistry, rests the creative soul.

In living our talent, we honor our ancestors, respect the time given to us, inspire the community, support our families, and most importantly cultivate our soul.

When the hard questions awaken, the choice can challenge everything.

All preconceptions need to be addressed, and innovative approaches considered.

The creative soul has every option for earning a living.

Every morning, every moment, every opportunity to take that next step, do so.





Author: Keith Artisan 

Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Flickr Helga Weber 

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