October 17, 2015

5 Tips for Raising Radiant Kids.

Scientists are just beginning to understand what spiritual teachers have known for ages. The world of seemingly solid things is actually an illusion.

Everything is energy.

The world around us is vibrating, everything at its own rhythm and frequency. Nature is vibrating, our food is vibrating, the furniture in our homes is vibrating. Even we are vibrating.

Our physical bodies create the illusion that we are solid, but we’re not really. In reality, we are energy too.

Have you ever met a person who glows? Not in the literal sense, of course, but in the energetic sense. This is someone who’s authentic nature and genuine positivity is so infectious you can’t help but be drawn to him or her. Perhaps you’ve read a book written by this type of person and could feel their energy affect your own just through reading their words. This is a person who is likely operating at a high energetic frequency.

This is a person who could be described as radiant.

I often wonder just how much influence a parent has over the type of person their child eventually becomes. As parents, we have ideas and visions, we try different techniques and methods, and we sometimes (or oftentimes) wing it.

We make mistakes, we learn, and we try again.

We keep on trying in an effort to help our child reach his or her full potential in life.

But what does a child’s “full potential” even look like? Children are their own people. They are spirits on a journey, just like us. They each have a purpose they have come here to fulfill, and we have little say over what that purpose actually is. We can attempt to provide signposts that steer them in the right direction, but reaching their full potential is ultimately up to them.

Perhaps one of the best ways to support our children in reaching their full potential is to ensure they are nourished for the journey. Nourishment takes on a much deeper definition when you consider that we are energy. The nourishment that is most beneficial on the journey of life is not just caloric—it is energetic nourishment. Energetic nourishment provides not only for the needs of the body, but also for the needs of the spirit.

An energetically nourished kid is a radiant kid, one who exudes positive energy and happiness. A kid who glows. Radiant kids will more likely grow to discover their purpose and naturally create lives filled with meaning and contentment on their own.

What parent wouldn’t wish that for their child?

Children are usually born into this life with abundant life force and radiant energy. We can help lead our children towards conscious, meaningful lives by helping them protect and intensify their radiance as they grow.

Here are five tips for helping your children blossom into radiant kids:

1. Feed them fruit…with love.

We ingest not only the nutrients needed for our physical health through our food. Every bite we take represents an exchange of energy. Fresh, organic whole fruits and vegetables are teeming with life energy. The closer the fruit or vegetable to its original form as it came off the tree or plant, the more vibrant the energy.

Remember that where and how the food was grown and handled also has an effect on its energetic value. Was it grown in a way that depletes or sustains the land? Was it stuffed into plastic packaging and shipped thousands of miles to a store, or was it purchased directly from the grower’s hands at a local farmer’s market? These factors all influence the energy of the food.

Meals prepared at home with love and gratitude nurture your child’s radiant energy. You literally gift them with the energy of your love through the food. Feel gratitude as you prepare and eat the meal, and you lift the energetic frequency of the food even higher.

I always offer gratitude to God for the gift of nourishment before every meal. This is a simple yet powerful practice that not only connects you to the Source of all sustenance but also infuses every bite with the healing energy of gratitude.

2. Send them outdoors.

The outdoors is alive and abundant, vibrating intensely with life energy. Going outdoors will help to clear stagnant energy and protect your child’s radiance. On average we all spend too much time indoors, but our children especially do. We are undeniably connected to nature, and our spirits crave its nourishment. Contact with nature is essential not only for your child’s physical health but for his or her spiritual evolution.

3. Teach them that what they think and say truly matters.

Our thoughts and words shape our reality. They can assist us in generating abundance or perceiving lack.

Many people believe that their thoughts don’t matter because they are “private”. Since our thoughts can’t be heard, it’s tempting to believe they don’t have any tangible effects. But when you consider that thoughts are an energy form, it makes sense that even our private thoughts can affect others and our own selves at an energetic level.

Words are also an energy form that can impact life experience. Choosing kind and gentle words spoken with clarity will help children to protect their radiant energy, uplifting not only themselves but also those around them. At the energetic level, words are a creative flow. This flow can move through us, through others and through situations creating infinite effects.

In truth, we are all connected because we are all one. Everything we think, say and do has an effect on everything else in the entire universe. Teaching our children to think and speak with kindness and clarity will help not only them, but also the entire world, to spiritually evolve.

4. Introduce them to meditation.

One of the most powerful ways to manifest radiant energy is through meditation. For children, the practice can be kept simple. They can easily be taught a simple breath awareness practice to help them stay calm—feeling the breath move in and out of the body as the belly rises and falls.

To begin to awaken the inner observer, teach them to notice all kinds of sensation in the body. Teach them to notice emotion as it arises. Then ask questions about how the emotion feels in the body. You may need to wait until intense emotion settles before discussing this with your child. Be curious and playful with this. Bring them back to the feeling as much as possible.

Visualization is also incredibly powerful for children. After all, visualization is simply engaging the imagination, and children do this effortlessly. Take them on an imagination journey before bedtime and exercise your own creativity in parallel.

5. Demonstrate constant gratitude.

Gratitude is one of the most energetically powerful feelings in existence. It can transform your energetic state in an instant. True gratitude goes beyond just saying “thank you.”

True gratitude is actually feeling the “thank you” within your heart and radiating that energy outwards. Constant gratitude is being so grateful for the gift of life, the gift from Source that is universal to us all, that the energy rises up from your heart and lifts the corners of your mouth into a smile. Radiate gratitude in this way, and your life will be transformed. You will become radiant.

In becoming radiant yourself, you will effortlessly teach your children how to do the same.




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Author: Kat Atkinson

Editor: Renée Picard

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