December 21, 2015

Take me like a Man.

 Specialist Salvatore Giunta, 20, from Cedar Rapids Iwoa, a US paratrooper with first squad first platoon, battle company, 2nd battalion, 503d regiment, 173d airborne brigade waits to go out on a new patrol at the third day of a five days strike package in the southern Afghaninstan Zabul Province on October 01 2005.

If you want me, you’re going to have to take me like a man.

I am not interested in psychological word play or emotional games. I have no space in my life for half-hearted efforts, last ditch attempts or second guessing.

If you want me, I’m here for the taking. But if you want me, it will require you to come forth with everything you’ve got to give. It will require you to emerge and be seen.

I want your potency because the strength of your essence lets me know I am safe.

I want the passion that shakes your bones to erupt into a raging fire.

I want to see the embers in your eyes ignite and consume me.

I want to feel your gaze on me from across the room and know that I am yours because you have claimed me.

Your steadiness makes me weak. Your power makes me tender. I am able to rest in your presence, to languish in your arms, to fully let go. You are an open-hearted warrior, one who does not seek to conquer, dominate or destroy but rather one who has shifted beyond those desires and into true power.

As Anais Nin once said, I have no problem holding my own. I am neither fragile nor weak but with you, I surrender. I have no desire to say no and there is no hesitation within. I want to peel back my skin and let you inside.

It is breathtaking when you take my hand, take the lead and guide me along the path.

A woman like me can only be possessed by a man who is no longer afraid to live, to love, and to risk. You must be a man who can come to me with hands, heart, mind and soul open to the mystery of living.

If you want me, I am here.

Take me like a man.


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Author: Lisa Vallejos, PhD

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Flickr/US Army

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