January 25, 2016

6 Reasons to Stay Away from the Mindfulness Trend.

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Everybody is dropping the “M-word” these days.

It must be some sort of new fad. If everybody is doing it, they must be following this trend like a flock of blind sheep.

Best to stay away from this mindfulness racket because your life is exactly as it should be right now.

No need to explore anything else.

If you have been thinking about hopping on the mindfulness train, think again my mindful friend. Does mindfulness have a dark side? Is it possible to take the whole notion too far? Will it really be of benefit to you or those around you?

All of these questions and more!

Here are six reasons not to try that pesky McMindfulness. You can thank me later.

1. Your health might improve.

Really, why on earth would you need less of that stress hormone cortisol in your system? Relaxation is entirely overrated and we need to stay busy and alert.

2. You might slow down and enjoy life more.

Who needs to appreciate the beauty that is right in front of them? Nature, connectedness and beauty are so last year! Life is not about smelling the roses folks! And attention span… Who needs it anymore? We have so many flashing lights and colorful advertisements surrounding us that we need to stay tuned in case we miss out on something!

3. You may just learn to breathe again.

When you continue with the shallow breathing, your body is always in a state of urgency. Using your lungs to full capacity is a waste of breath. How on earth do you suppose you will do all of that multitasking if you learn mindfulness? Short sharp breaths help everything happen faster!

4. Your friends and family might want to spend more time with you.

You might become a more mindful listener who really cares about connecting with other humans…a side effect might be developing more compassion and empathy for others as well.

*Please note: This will mean less time on social media and other sorts of non-human distraction.

5. You may find inner-peace and reduced anxiety and anger.

Finding peace helps you remain calm and kind of broadens your perspective. How on earth are you to react with correct amounts of aggrievedness at the injustices going on around you? Best stay on the anger wagon as it is far more practical and gets results fast!

6. Your brain might change.

Who needs further brain change in their life? Not me! Keep those neural pathways exactly where they are!

It’s probably better to flip your lid or fly off the handle at a moment’s notice. It’s not a good idea to be able to catch your emotions before they catch you. Just leave everything as it is. You are fine the way you are.

Mindfulness may also cause you to start showing compassion and empathy for others. And we all know where that slippery slope might lead…happy town!

So for those of you hopping on the mindfulness wagon, think carefully about your decision… Sit with it, breathe and be wary of the ways your life might change.


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Author: Melissa Georgiou

Editor: Renee PIcard

Image: Hartwig HKD at Flickr

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