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January 22, 2016

If you Know you aren’t Racist, watch this Blue-Eyed, Brown-Eyed Test.

If it’s taught, it can be unlearned.

Jane Elliott says ongoing racism can disappear in two generations—and she has experience making it happen–but it’s up to us. Watching her training is a start:

Update: Jane appeared with Waylon in our free Friday gathering. “I invited Jane Elliott to make me, and us, uncomfortable. To let me have it. To educate us. She did so. With heart, humor, wisdom (this is appropriate for children, I think, too).”

“The first thing I want you guys to do is…spend 1 hour watching Jane Elliott teach people about the racism that is given to them, that they aren’t even aware they have.” ~ Killer Mike

For further anti-racist education:

Trevor Noah (& Dr. Seuss) explain When & How Black People can Protest in America.

Brené Brown defines “White Privilege” for us—& it’s the Best Explanation I’ve Heard.

57 Quotes by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that Changed the World & Will Change Our Lives.



“Racism destroyed in one minute.”

You can’t explain it any better than this. Wow!

“Pigmentation in your skin has nothing to do with intelligence or with your worth as a human being”

“There is no gene for racism and no gene for bigotry. You’re not born a bigot, you have to learn to be a bigot. Anything you learn you can unlearn.”

I’m in love with this lady:

A test to see if you’re racist—even if you think you aren’t:

I learned about this:

…from this:

Jane Elliot: Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Experiment (1970)

“Eye color and skin color are caused by the same chemical: melanin. There is no logic…”

“Prejudice is an emotional commitment to ignorance.”

“Give me a child at the age of 8, let me do this exercise, and that child is changed forever.”

Bonus videos, via Walk the Talk:

Read these too:

Elizabeth Gilbert has a Message for White Women.

The Uncomfortable Truth About Amy Cooper.

Wake the F*ck Up, Karen—Breaking the Silence on White Privilege.


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